Lesson 114 – Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart.  It’s that simple.  You wish to complicate things by logically trying to figure out the best route to take.  I say that is a needless complication.  For you know what you need to do.  Stop thinking and start following the urgings of your heart.  For that is your Spirit-place, from where all creation begins.

All creation starts with desire.  Pure desire that comes from love.  Let it out, trusting that desire created in love will lead to the results needed to make that desire real.  Then follow your heart, and do so each and every day.

Worry less about the nature of what you do, and more about the place from which you live; the God-place that is within you.  For you were made in God’s image.  You have all of the abilities that you attribute to God’s omnipotence.  Just as Source created all that is by its word, or conscious thought, so too, do you.

State your desire and then do whatever you believe is required to accomplish that.  The doing  is irrelevant.  Whether you do choice A or choice B matters not.  All that matters is doing so from a foundation of love-filled desire.  After that, whatever you choose to do will be correct.

There are no wrong choices.  There are no mistakes.  There are no problems.  There is merely a chain of events designed to manifest your desire in the world.  It is that simple.

It is so simple that I will repeat it for you:

  • You have desire that originates in love.
  • You have many choices as to how to express that desire.
  • The particular choice you select is irrelevant, because any one of them will create the result you desire.

So what should you choose?  Since the specific actions are inconsequential, choose the actions that will give you the most pleasure.  You cannot, and will not, make a mistake.

Choose with joy – and then embrace the process that unfolds.  Always remember to laugh and sing and play along the way.  Life is meant to be a reward, not a struggle.  Enjoy each moment of that reward.

You came into this physical world with the Truth written upon your heart.  You have life’s instructions with you.  All you need to do is be reminded of where to look.

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Lesson 113 – Abundance

Let us speak about abundance.  And to do so, let us compare abundance to the ease with which you breathe, for that is a correct analogy.  You are surrounded by abundance just as you are surrounded by the air that you breathe.

Breathing is a natural act.  You cannot stop yourself from breathing.  Each breath comes to you effortlessly and without your conscious awareness.  It is the same with abundance.  It comes to you just as easily, just as effortlessly as the air that you breathe.

Abundance was part of your natural order yesterday.  Abundance is with you today.  And it will remain a part of your experience tomorrow.  What is yours cannot be taken from you.

Do you worry about losing the air that you breathe?  Do you hoard your air so that you will have enough for tomorrow?  Of course you do not.  So why then do you worry so about financial matters?

The world exists to serve you.  The world exists to show you and teach you.  The only piece missing from achieving mastery of your physical world is belief.  You must first believe in your ability to master your circumstances.  Only then will the details match your expectations.

I admire you and acknowledge your courage.  For you are doing what is required of a person living in faith.  But doing all that is required and living from that place are two very different experiences.  You are “doing” beautifully and courageously.  Now the time has come to “be” in a place of faith.  For deeds without faith are empty and meaningless.

True peace comes from living in faith.  From knowing deep within that your actions are blessed and will be rewarded in every sense of the word.  First you must come from faith.  And only then, must you take the actions of faith.  After that, the results you desire will be yours.

Until now, you have been taking bold action first, hoping for certain results, using the nature of those results to determine whether or not to have faith.  I propose you try a different approach.  Come from a place of absolute faith that you are walking your destiny, that all your actions are blessed, and that there are no such things as mistakes.  And once you can live in that place, then take action.  For faith must always come first.

Worry less about the work that you do today, and concern yourself more about living today in faith.  For today well lived makes your yesterdays a beautiful memory and your tomorrows certain.  These are words to live by.

I invite you to take my hand and come dance with me in faith.  For then you will experience the joy of truly dancing with God.

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Lesson 112 – Simple Truths

You are always being guided, my dear one.  Source is always there besides you.  The problem is, sometimes you allow your emotion to guide you rather than your heart.  Your heart always knows the Truth.  Your heart always knows what is so.

It is this way each and every day.  The details of life are so amazingly simple.  The trees grow.  The birds sing.  The wind rustles the leaves of the trees.  Anything else is a judgment that you bring to the simple truths of what is so.

Simple truths are made complicated by adding judgment.

“Is it good?” one asks.

“Is it bad?” one wonders.

“Is it fair?” one whines.

None of it matters.  There is only what is.

Reaction complicates Truth.  Focus only on truth, and learn to banish reaction, judgment, and belief.  This is the lesson you must come back to again and again.

There is that God-part in you that knows the difference between Truth and belief-masquerading-as-truth. The problem is, Truth has been buried under layers of lies, and it is mistruth that is held dear.

Continue your journey of letting go of judgments, beliefs, opinions, and reactions and then see what remains.  For you are not your stories, your details, your memories, your judgments, or your beliefs.  You are so much more.  You are a piece of Source energy made real in physical form.

Step into your day knowing that love is within you and all around you, for that is all there is.  Live from that knowing and your walk will be effortless.  Start now, for I am complete.

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Lesson 111 – Anxiety

Let us talk about the nature of anxiety, for it is a common state of being for so many.

You feel anxiety when you believe you have no control over your future.  And I will repeat the statement I gave you lessons ago – If you knew where you were going you would have no fear.  But what do those words mean?

Those words imply all of the power of creation that is yours.  The problem is, most have forgotten their power.  Most have come to believe that they are powerless within their physical lives; that  they are victims of their circumstances.  And I say once again, quite forcefully, “Rubbish!”  For each one of you is a master at your game called Life.

You have absolute and total control over your circumstances.  Life is merely an illusion designed to teach you.  You have created the circumstances of your life to move you forward towards your destiny.

Life is meant to be so easy.  All it takes is faith and surrender to what is so.  Faith that by surrendering to what is so, the results you desire will be made real.  But it is never about the results.  It is always about faith and surrender.

This is a lesson all must learn.  For most have periods of anxiety caused by living in the future rather than enjoying the beauty of what is around themselves right now.

What can you do when anxiety makes itself known to you?  Focus on gratitude.  Focusing on gratitude puts your attention on now, on truth – returning you to the Source of the power that you crave and believe yourself not to have.  When anxiety comes knocking, turn it away, turning instead to thoughts of gratitude, love,  and joy.  Such thoughts will always lead to results meant to reward.  Because living in gratitude, love, and joy is a life lived in faith, not fear.  And faith is always rewarded.

Step into your day, my dear one, with gratitude, love, and joy, knowing that when you live life in that way you are being surrounded by the energy of Source.  Begin practicing right now, for I am complete.

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Lesson 110 – Common Courage

You have common courage, my dear one.  You were born forgetting who you are and your connection to Source.  You began your life journey as all do, by walking forward, by looking around yourself, by wondering about life, by asking questions, by learning the answers you thought were to be learned.  But just as many do, you drew conclusions about the world that were not correct.  And then you have spent a lifetime proving your incorrect beliefs.

But there has been a part of you that has remained hungry for the real Truth.  It has been that hunger that has fueled your journey.  And look where it has taken you!  It has taken you right back to Source.  Right back to Truth.  Right back to where you began.

You are at the gates of the promised land, and I say to you, “Come in.”  You have been walking boldly forwards in faith, waving fear away at every turn.  Now I say to come to the light knowing fully that you have stepped into the life that was always meant to be yours.

Your story is a story of Everyman, and it is one of common courage.  For it takes courage to step out in faith, trusting in unseen rewards, trusting in Source, trusting in that which cannot be seen, but only felt.

Thank you, my dear one, for your willingness and your desire to spend time with me, for I know there are many other things requiring your attention.  Just know that those things are meaningless compared to this time.  For those are about what you must do.  This is about how you must be.  And being with Truth, being with love, are the only things you need to focus on.  All else that you desire comes from that.

You are learning your lessons beautifully.  Enjoy your circumstances, knowing that love surround you, for I am complete.

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Lesson 109 – The Rewards of Faith

You have been boldly going forth, starting to blindly follow the urgings of your heart, trusting their Source, and believing that such faith has its reward.  You have been marching courageously forward, allowing Spirit to be your guide, abandoning more and more the limits of your logical mind.  You have been walking boldly forward with no knowledge of the outcome of your actions, other than your faith that the voice you are hearing is true.  You have been boldly stepping forward in spite of fears, doubts, or concerns, trusting that they are untruths, and that the only truth is the voice you hear urging you onward.  That, my dear one, is a demonstration of faith.

You have been willing to walk a path that at times has appeared unclear, trusting that by doing so your steps will be made firm and your path will become clearly marked.  Now you are getting to see the rewards of that faith.  But faith must come first.  Many want proof – and then they will believe.  I say believe – and then you will see proof.

You have a marvelous tale to tell, my dear one, as do all others who are walking in faith.  It is a simple story.  A story of being called.  A story of hearing Source.  A story of your willingness to be coaxed forward.  A story of the actions you took.  A story of the doubt and hesitation with which you often took them.  A story of your battles with fear and unworthiness.  A story of your determination to overcome the limits of your mind.  A story of your increasing awakening to your own power.  A story of your faith becoming strong without proof of your faith being warranted.

Yours is a simple story of Everyman.  It is a story of awakening.  Of awakening to truth.  Of awakening to power.  Of awakening to the beauty of life.  Of reunion with Source.  Yours is a story about learning the simple rules of life.  And it is so simple a truth.  Just be with what is so.

There is no tomorrow, except for the tomorrow that you create.  Today is a beautiful gift meant to be thoroughly enjoyed.  Look with wonder at each of your todays.  Have they ever been anything other than beautiful – and beautifully abundant?  Any shadows on your days came from living in the future or reliving the past. And I say that the future is one filled with love, abundance, and great wealth of both the spirit and of the world.  Do not rush things or force things to happen.  Just enjoy each day as it unfolds – moment by glorious moment.

Continue to walk boldly forward, my dear one.  I am continuing to lead you with love, for that is my only tool.  Step into your day knowing that love surrounds you, for I am complete.

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Lesson 108 – Producing Results – Be Who You Are

Let us continue the discussion about “results.”  Many are focused on “results” being the proof of who they are.  That is a dangerous assumption, for when results are not as you believe they ought to be, you then make the leap into believing that you therefore cannot be that whom you are.  And then, rather than being the powerful creator that you are meant to be, you become a person of powerlessness, doing what powerless people do, and having the results a powerless person would have.

I say you have the progression all wrong.  You are looking at results to justify who you are, to empower that which you do.  I say the exact opposite is true, and that many of your struggles and frustrations are due to this error of thinking.

I say that first you must “be” every bit who you know, deep within your heart, yourself to be.  Do not for one moment look at your results to  justify this instruction.  Be that whom you were made to be.  Feel the strength that is within you.  Feel it as it courses through your body, filling you with power, boldness, and the strength that comes from knowing Truth.

Feel it.  Be it.  Be it fully.  You do not need to justify or prove the truth.  Just  be with what is so.  There is nothing you need to do.  Nothing you need to prove.  No results you need to demonstrate. Just be.  You have no right to do anything, or expect any results, until you have mastered this very important first step of simply being fully that whom you are.

Look at people you admire.  They have mastered the progression.  Those who seem to have the results you desire did not produce them by forcing action.  Yes, they certainly took action.  Lots of bold action.  But first, before any results justified their belief, they knew who they were.

The world’s best athletes.  The world’s best performers.  The world’s best business people.  The world’s best philanthropists.  The world’s best spiritual leaders.  The world’s best mothers, fathers, husband, wives, lovers.  It matters not what description you fill in.  What matters is the understanding that anyone who has demonstrated deep accomplishment, first began by being who they were, fully and so deep that it filled every pore of their being.  And only then, did these “greats” take action, and only then, were those great and confirming results produced.

The “being-ness” must come first, before there are any results to justify the description.  It cannot be any other way.  For if you look to results to justify your way of being, the results will never be strong enough to do that.  They cannot ever be, for results will never be strong enough to justify a shift in belief.

What must you do to produce the results you desire?  You must first be – fully – that whom you know in your heart yourself to be.  You must first be that, down to your bones, before anything that you do produces the full range of results you desire.

There is no way to prove who you are.  You simply must act on faith.  And then, all of your actions and all of your thoughts must be congruent with who you are.  Being who you are – when there are no results to warrant that belief – is the only way to achieve real and lasting results.

Most are operating in a logical, but misguided way.  You must first be the greatness that you are, and only then, coming from that degree of certainty, can actions be taken and results produced.

Take these words in, knowing that these words come from love, and are meant to be received in love, for I am complete.

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