You are about to begin a time of discovery about yourself. A time of discovery about me.  A time of discovery about others.  You are about to learn of the strengths you possess, and the way to combine them in service to me.  You are about to gain clarity on all of these things.

The lessons you are about to read are a chronology of that journey.  They tell the story of man being reunited with the Source of it all.  They are a chronicle of self-discovery.  They are a chronicle of celebration.  They are a chronicle of joy.  They are a chronicle of love and of truth.  They are your story, the plural “you,” and they are chronicling my story as well.  These lessons are the lessons of Everyman.  For they are chronicling the journey every man yearns to take – a  journey of discovery and reunion.  A journey of truth. 

You are about to begin reading a story that all want to hear.  For many are crying out with a hunger that comes from their separation from All-That-Is.  They do not know why they are hungry, although many suspect that they know.  For every cell within your body knows the truth.  It is undeniable.

Your journey will remind you of what you already know.  The writing you are about to read is addressing a desire whose time for expression has come.  You are continuing a journey that was begun a long time ago, and you must cherish each word you are reading, for each word is part of your story.

Honor these words as you read them.  Worry not about how these lessons will be brought together, for just as you are starting to gain clarity as to who you are and what you know, so too will these lessons become a cohesive whole. 

“If you knew where you were going you would have no fear.”  Enjoy the delightful anticipation those words create.  You will, one day soon, look back upon those words and smile, for then you will know.

I love you very much.  I thank you for your willingness to be on this journey.  A journey that at times may become difficult.  But it is the specifics of your journey – your wins, your battles, your understandings, that tells a story that is uniquely human.  You are on a journey whose story is timeless.  You are on a journey of truth.  The truth must be told.  The truth must be experienced.  The truth must be shared.  The time is now.

Be with my words.  Reflect upon my words.  Allow the expression of whatever emotion you may be feeling, for you feel the truth of my prophecy, and you know already that this will be so.  You feel where this is taking you.  Honor those feelings.  For they are me.

Allow your knowing to propel you forward into this journey with a new awareness and an increased energy that comes from certainty.  Never forget your struggle, for you need to be taught to love the struggle, and to embrace it.  It is a necessary part of the journey.  It takes struggle to win.

You have a magical and exciting journey ahead of you.  Enjoy the blessings of your travels, and enjoy with excited anticipation the reunion that is waiting for you.  I will be with you each step of the way.  Know that my love surrounds you, for I am complete.


4 Responses to Introduction

  1. B says:

    I look forward to the journey… Im glad I found this! x

    • You are obviously already on the journey! Keep sharing your own stories. It’s through the sharing of your stories that others will learn. A pleasure to be sharing the journey with you. CC

  2. Celia Hales says:

    I appreciate what you are saying! And your comments are very reassuring. We need that, especially with the news in our world so disturbing on a daily basis. I listen to public radio while I prepare meals, and I lament the nature of much that I hear. But there are blessings in this world, and many have found me. One of my most recent is finding your blog.

    Have a good day.

    • Delighted, Celia, that you’re feeling the value of these words. We can live by the ways of the world, or we can be bold and live another way – by following that which our hearts intuitively know. But it takes courage – common courage – to step out in truth rather than in agreement. But the more you do so, the more you give others encouragement to do the same. Wishing you many blessings as you continue to examine your truths. CC

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