Lesson 121 – Heaven is at Hand

One often hears others speak of their desire to get to heaven.  The truth is, heaven has always been accessible, and you were born having the key.  All it takes to use that key is a desire to give up the teachings of the world, and to replace those teachings with the knowing that is in your heart.

You have believed certain circumstances warrant certain reactions.  That is not true.  At each moment you have choice as to how you react to your circumstances.  You can run, and laugh, and dance and play, or you can fill yourself with anxious thoughts and fear-filled behaviors.  It has been your very choices in your reactions that have created your circumstances.

I say – choose differently.  You have my permission to enjoy each of your days.  You have held the idea that producing the results you desire requires hard work, struggle, and stress-filled effort.  On the contrary, the exact opposite is true.

I invite you to experiment.  For life is meant to be an experience of discerning truths and then applying those truths in action to confirm their authenticity.  Test all things.  For it is only through testing that you will know.

It is time to stop living in fear.  There is no need.  The time has come to return to Source. And it all starts with your willingness to use the keys that have always been in your possession.

So what should you do on this beautiful day? Go about your day with joy in your heart.  Thoroughly enjoy each thing that you do, knowing with certainty that the act of joyful surrender will lead to the results you desire, results reflecting a life of abundance and prosperity in all areas.  For desire, plus belief as demonstrated by action, leads to the manifestation of that desire.  Desire without congruent belief leads to failure.

The choice is yours.  But what a marvelous choice!  You can choose to live joyously, or you can choose to live surrounded by fear.  To live joyously will give you all the desires of your heart.  To live in fear will give you more of the same, for your results will reinforce your belief.

So I ask you – what will you choose?  What would anyone choose if they knew deep within their hearts what was true?

Enjoy your day, my dear one, knowing that my love surrounds you today, as it has surrounded you each and every day of your life.  Enjoy your day, knowing that through your enjoyment all that you desire shall be yours.  Enjoy your day knowing that in so doing you will receive confirmation that this way of being is the only way of being if prosperity is what you crave.  Start now, for I am complete.


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