Lesson 120 – Gratitude

The only thing I ever ask for is your gratitude.  At times, however, you are so focused on what you do not have, that your gratitude is pushed far away from your conscious awareness.  And I say, how much of the beauty of your life have you missed by focusing on that which you do not have, rather than on that which you do?

You have never known lack.  And I have told you repeatedly that you never will.  So notice therefore, with wonder, all that you do have.  It is alright to enjoy that which you have.  Enjoying your bounty does not mean it will be taken from you.  The gifts you have received are not temporary.  They are for you and meant for your enjoyment.

It pains me that you know not what you have.  For you have so much.  You can take an inventory with your head.  But I want you to take an inventory with your heart.

Feel the total magnificence of your world.  What are you waiting for?  When will you decide that all is as it should be, and that the time to enjoy your circumstances is now?  For there is only now.  If you wait until tomorrow to enjoy your gifts, that day will never come.

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