Lesson 119 – Perfect Choices

I am not a fortune teller.  Our relationship is not about me telling you where to next put down your foot.  For you see?  It matters not!  Every choice is a perfect choice.  Every choice will lead to perfect action, which will lead to perfect results.

And what might those results be?  They will be the results that you desire in your heart.  The secret, however, is to gain clarity as to what is in your heart, for you will receive exactly that which you desire.

How do you know what you truly desire?  What you desire will be obvious by how you are being.  For I am able to guide you in the manifestation of your desires, but my ability to do so is limited by the choices you make as to the place from where you live.

Desire is the place from where to start.  But then there must be complete and total congruency between your desire, your actions, and your way of being.  Only you can provide that congruency.  What I provide are the circumstances designed to develop that congruency.

Let me ask some questions for you to reflect upon:

  • What are your most burning desires at this very moment? In other words, what desires are dominant right now?  The answer may be a different one tomorrow.  But what are they now?
  • The next question is, how are your actions and your ways of being supporting those desires right now? For how you are being right now will lead you to discern the choices you are next to make.

Don’t analyze your answers too deeply.  Accept the answers that immediately come to your awareness, for those are the ones that are coming from your heart.

You often long to receive very specific guidance as to what steps you are to next take.  Yet, if I were to give you those answers, you would also have the answers to the questions I just asked of you.  Those questions were meant for you to ponder, not for me to answer on your behalf.  Answer those questions honestly and from your heart – so that I can ask you more.  For I am foremost your teacher, and a teacher never gives answers.  A teacher provides their student with just enough information that the student takes themselves to where they want to be.

Trust me as your teacher.  Trust that I am leading you to where you need to go.

Life is a continually unfolding journey of many steps.  One step does not preclude another.  There are no endings.  There are only beginnings.

Take some quiet time to reflect upon my questions.  Know that the love of Source surrounds you, and is guiding your way.  Enjoy the process within which you now find yourself, and don’t look at tomorrow.  Tomorrow will never come.  All you ever have is now.


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