Lesson 118 – Aching with Desire

I have told you that all creation starts with desire.  I have also asked you to discern what it is that you desire most deeply.  Once you have identified your desires, reflect upon them, and deeply feel each one.

Write your desires where you can see them.  Dwell upon them.  Feel them deep within your bones.  Taste your desire.  Feel the truth and the strength and the power of each desire.  Ache with the call of your desire.  For the more you do so, the more you will see these desires made real in your world.  Your desires are an illusion under your control.  You literally have the power to bring your desires into being merely by focusing on the depth of your want.

But it takes faith.  I can tell you over and over again how the process works and what you must do to apply the process in your world.  But unless you believe, unless you come from faith, all my instructions will have been for naught.  For deeds without faith are empty and meaningless.

What is faith?  Faith is knowing without fear.  Faith is living from truth.  Faith is knowing who you are and your relationship to Source. Faith is not hiding behind old patterns and beliefs, but rather, acting on that which you were born knowing but cannot prove.

Are you ready to walk in faith, my dear one?  You have been playing with faith, this I know.  You have had moments of great certainty.  And then you have let the doubts of your well-trained mind pull you back in.  You have been dancing with boldness and courage, only to have your dance quickly followed by a rapid scramble back to the perceived safety of the darkness that has grown familiar to you.  But is the darkness ever safe?  It is only by bathing yourself in light and love that you will truly know what it means to be free.

What are you going to choose, my dear one?  You are at the cusp of greatness.  You have been making a long and arduous journey to the top of a very high cliff.  You are afraid to leap, yet you are unable to retreat.

Leap into my arms, my dear one, knowing in faith that I will catch you, never to let you go.  I am here with you.  I have always been here with you.  I have never abandoned you, and I never will.  You have been on a golden journey, one that has been led by your heart, for your heart is me.

Continue to live life in this way.  Follow my instructions with absolute faith.  Do not think of the possibility for failure, for failure is not an option.  Instead, celebrate your desires being made real.  Focus not on the possibility of disappointment.  Rather, dive in and deeply  feel your desires made real.

You don’t ever fully experience the depth of your desires because of fears that you have.  As a result of not fully experiencing the depth of your desire, your desires fail to materialize.  That which you fear then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, affirming that it is best not to desire too deeply.  You make your fear right, when it has been that very fear that has gotten in your way.

I say to live life in a new way, and enjoy these prophecies coming true.  Live totally from faith and notice what is then so.  When fear wants to poke you, and it will try to lead you off course, reread these words and then let your desire ring out in full force.  For only in that way, will it be yours.

You have a choice.  You can live a life of fear-filled mediocrity.  Or you can know I’ve been carrying you and will never put you down.  For I cannot.  I can no more put you down than you can detach one of your arms.  For your arms are just as much a part of you as I am.

I have given you much to think about.  Run and skip and laugh and play throughout your day, celebrating your desires, for they have already been made real.  Live out your day, knowing deep within your heart that my love surrounds you.  And do so now, for I am complete.


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