Lesson 117 – Be The Writer of Your Story

Anger serves no purpose other than to hurt another.  And you have no need to hurt another, for no one has done anything to you that you have not allowed.

You teach others how to treat you.  You decide what you will accept – and what you won’t.  You let others know what you will allow, as well as what you will not tolerate.  You believe that it is done onto you as others believe.  The truth is, it is done on to you as you believe.  For you are the writer of your story.

There is never anything wrong.  There are only events that you have allowed.  And that is not a problem, either.  For just as you allowed them, you can un-allow them.  You decide.  You encourage.  You allow.

Nothing is in your life that did not come from your choice.  You have choice as to what you allow.  And at any moment – you have choice as to what you will continue to allow.  For life is not static.  Life is constantly moving, constantly unfolding, and you are its conductor.

You encourage some music to be played.  You discourage or soften others.  And as the music plays, measure for measure, you create shifts in its tune.  Subtle shifts?  Bold and dramatic shifts?  There are no rules.  Just truths that are so.

You have the right, my dear one, to have life suit you.  You have the right, my dear one, for life to please you.  You have the right, my dear one, to live life on your terms.  State what you desire life to be.

You were taught by sources unworthy of teaching that you lived at the mercy of their whims.  That may have been what you thought you observed, but that was never what was so.  It only appeared to be so.  What was so was that you always had choice, and you always wrote the music.

That was then.  This is now.  Now you know yourself to be a powerful creator.  The only truth that is preventing you from enjoying that power is your willingness to open your eyes.  Closing your eyes to the truth doesn’t make it go away.  It merely has the truth be present without your awareness that it is so.

All creation starts with desire.  You desire to be a victim?  That is what you will create.  You desire to be powerless?  In your power – you will create that as well.  You desire to be penniless?  You desire to struggle?  You desire conflict?  All will be yours.

Why would anyone claim to desire things such as that?  Because to desire their opposite brings consequences of responsibility.  To desire strength, abundance, and power brings with it the responsibility that comes from acknowledging your connection to Source. For once you see that you are a part of God, you can never again claim to be helpless.

What will it take, my dear one, to make that adjustment?  It only takes giving your word.  It only takes saying it is so.  It only takes living from that place, and being the powerful creator that you were made to be.

Why don’t we do that, when it seems so easy and the rewards seem so great?  You have told yourself that to claim ownership of one’s circumstances is dangerous.  But I ask you this – how much more dangerous is it when you give your power away?  Is there anyone you trust more than yourself to play the music that only you can hear?

Come out of the shadows and stand in the light where you belong.  Shout out your desires with joy.  No harm will come to you, for Source is waiting to make your dreams come true.

Dream the dreams a dreamer dreams and then watch the miracles unfold.  And don’t be afraid to dream them.  For why would you be given the ability to dream if Source did not also intend to provide the means for their fulfillment?

Do animals dream the dreams a dreamer dreams?  Do the trees, flowers, and grasses know how to dream?  Of course they do not.  Why not?  Because only you were made in the image of God. Only you were created to be partners with God in creating your world.

Go and do the job you were created to do.  Do so with your head held high, knowing you are walking your destiny.  Start now, knowing the love of God surrounds you and will keep you safe, for I am complete.


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