Lesson 116- Boldly Speak the Truth

The truth, spoken from love, can never hurt, although the truth, when heard, can cause discomfort.  But who says discomfort is a bad thing?  Discomfort opens up the door to freedom.  For discomfort sets in motion a chain of events designed to lead you on a journey of reclaiming truth.

Boldly speak the truth, for those are the only words worth speaking.  Proudly speak the truth, for too often truth is denied.  It is the denial of truth that leads one down paths of incorrect conclusions.  Speak only truth and trust that it will be received as such.  If the truth causes discomfort for another, then that is their puzzle to uncover.  You are not responsible for the reactions of another.  You are only responsible for your own.

Truth always comes from love, and therefore cannot be spoken from anger.  Words spoken in anger are not truth.  The truth seeks to build up.  Anger seeks to destroy.  One comes from a place of love and light.  The other comes from a place of darkness and fear.

Anger is the result of your own judgments, reactions, and beliefs.  It must be set aside when speaking with another.  Focus, instead, on knowing love, and all else will rise up to support that knowing.  Focus on the beauty of what is being created, rather than on hoped for results.

Walk confidently forward knowing your way is blessed.  Know that all circumstances you encounter will be for good, and enjoy them knowing of their contribution to you, your growth, and your understanding.  And do so now, for I am complete.


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