Lesson 115 – The Nature of Desire

Strong desire leads to strong results.  When you deny the strength of your desires, your results are reflected accordingly.  Your results always reflect your desire – or your suppression of that desire.

You want to change your results?  Change your desire.  Admit totally and truthfully the very depths of your desire.  For it is a rule of the Universe – ask and it is given to you.

So, my dear one – what do you desire?  What do you ask for?  What do you truly yearn for?  Become clear on those answers, and your results will reflect that clarity.

I propose that you sit with my instruction for a bit, and allow its truth to become part of you, rather than rushing in with answers to the questions at hand.  Only when you have clarity on what it is that you truly desire deep within your heart should you record an answer.  Know that I will be listening and waiting to respond, for I am complete.


About Common Courage

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