Lesson 114 – Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart.  It’s that simple.  You wish to complicate things by logically trying to figure out the best route to take.  I say that is a needless complication.  For you know what you need to do.  Stop thinking and start following the urgings of your heart.  For that is your Spirit-place, from where all creation begins.

All creation starts with desire.  Pure desire that comes from love.  Let it out, trusting that desire created in love will lead to the results needed to make that desire real.  Then follow your heart, and do so each and every day.

Worry less about the nature of what you do, and more about the place from which you live; the God-place that is within you.  For you were made in God’s image.  You have all of the abilities that you attribute to God’s omnipotence.  Just as Source created all that is by its word, or conscious thought, so too, do you.

State your desire and then do whatever you believe is required to accomplish that.  The doing  is irrelevant.  Whether you do choice A or choice B matters not.  All that matters is doing so from a foundation of love-filled desire.  After that, whatever you choose to do will be correct.

There are no wrong choices.  There are no mistakes.  There are no problems.  There is merely a chain of events designed to manifest your desire in the world.  It is that simple.

It is so simple that I will repeat it for you:

  • You have desire that originates in love.
  • You have many choices as to how to express that desire.
  • The particular choice you select is irrelevant, because any one of them will create the result you desire.

So what should you choose?  Since the specific actions are inconsequential, choose the actions that will give you the most pleasure.  You cannot, and will not, make a mistake.

Choose with joy – and then embrace the process that unfolds.  Always remember to laugh and sing and play along the way.  Life is meant to be a reward, not a struggle.  Enjoy each moment of that reward.

You came into this physical world with the Truth written upon your heart.  You have life’s instructions with you.  All you need to do is be reminded of where to look.


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