Lesson 113 – Abundance

Let us speak about abundance.  And to do so, let us compare abundance to the ease with which you breathe, for that is a correct analogy.  You are surrounded by abundance just as you are surrounded by the air that you breathe.

Breathing is a natural act.  You cannot stop yourself from breathing.  Each breath comes to you effortlessly and without your conscious awareness.  It is the same with abundance.  It comes to you just as easily, just as effortlessly as the air that you breathe.

Abundance was part of your natural order yesterday.  Abundance is with you today.  And it will remain a part of your experience tomorrow.  What is yours cannot be taken from you.

Do you worry about losing the air that you breathe?  Do you hoard your air so that you will have enough for tomorrow?  Of course you do not.  So why then do you worry so about financial matters?

The world exists to serve you.  The world exists to show you and teach you.  The only piece missing from achieving mastery of your physical world is belief.  You must first believe in your ability to master your circumstances.  Only then will the details match your expectations.

I admire you and acknowledge your courage.  For you are doing what is required of a person living in faith.  But doing all that is required and living from that place are two very different experiences.  You are “doing” beautifully and courageously.  Now the time has come to “be” in a place of faith.  For deeds without faith are empty and meaningless.

True peace comes from living in faith.  From knowing deep within that your actions are blessed and will be rewarded in every sense of the word.  First you must come from faith.  And only then, must you take the actions of faith.  After that, the results you desire will be yours.

Until now, you have been taking bold action first, hoping for certain results, using the nature of those results to determine whether or not to have faith.  I propose you try a different approach.  Come from a place of absolute faith that you are walking your destiny, that all your actions are blessed, and that there are no such things as mistakes.  And once you can live in that place, then take action.  For faith must always come first.

Worry less about the work that you do today, and concern yourself more about living today in faith.  For today well lived makes your yesterdays a beautiful memory and your tomorrows certain.  These are words to live by.

I invite you to take my hand and come dance with me in faith.  For then you will experience the joy of truly dancing with God.


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