Lesson 112 – Simple Truths

You are always being guided, my dear one.  Source is always there besides you.  The problem is, sometimes you allow your emotion to guide you rather than your heart.  Your heart always knows the Truth.  Your heart always knows what is so.

It is this way each and every day.  The details of life are so amazingly simple.  The trees grow.  The birds sing.  The wind rustles the leaves of the trees.  Anything else is a judgment that you bring to the simple truths of what is so.

Simple truths are made complicated by adding judgment.

“Is it good?” one asks.

“Is it bad?” one wonders.

“Is it fair?” one whines.

None of it matters.  There is only what is.

Reaction complicates Truth.  Focus only on truth, and learn to banish reaction, judgment, and belief.  This is the lesson you must come back to again and again.

There is that God-part in you that knows the difference between Truth and belief-masquerading-as-truth. The problem is, Truth has been buried under layers of lies, and it is mistruth that is held dear.

Continue your journey of letting go of judgments, beliefs, opinions, and reactions and then see what remains.  For you are not your stories, your details, your memories, your judgments, or your beliefs.  You are so much more.  You are a piece of Source energy made real in physical form.

Step into your day knowing that love is within you and all around you, for that is all there is.  Live from that knowing and your walk will be effortless.  Start now, for I am complete.


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