Lesson 111 – Anxiety

Let us talk about the nature of anxiety, for it is a common state of being for so many.

You feel anxiety when you believe you have no control over your future.  And I will repeat the statement I gave you lessons ago – If you knew where you were going you would have no fear.  But what do those words mean?

Those words imply all of the power of creation that is yours.  The problem is, most have forgotten their power.  Most have come to believe that they are powerless within their physical lives; that  they are victims of their circumstances.  And I say once again, quite forcefully, “Rubbish!”  For each one of you is a master at your game called Life.

You have absolute and total control over your circumstances.  Life is merely an illusion designed to teach you.  You have created the circumstances of your life to move you forward towards your destiny.

Life is meant to be so easy.  All it takes is faith and surrender to what is so.  Faith that by surrendering to what is so, the results you desire will be made real.  But it is never about the results.  It is always about faith and surrender.

This is a lesson all must learn.  For most have periods of anxiety caused by living in the future rather than enjoying the beauty of what is around themselves right now.

What can you do when anxiety makes itself known to you?  Focus on gratitude.  Focusing on gratitude puts your attention on now, on truth – returning you to the Source of the power that you crave and believe yourself not to have.  When anxiety comes knocking, turn it away, turning instead to thoughts of gratitude, love,  and joy.  Such thoughts will always lead to results meant to reward.  Because living in gratitude, love, and joy is a life lived in faith, not fear.  And faith is always rewarded.

Step into your day, my dear one, with gratitude, love, and joy, knowing that when you live life in that way you are being surrounded by the energy of Source.  Begin practicing right now, for I am complete.


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