Lesson 109 – The Rewards of Faith

You have been boldly going forth, starting to blindly follow the urgings of your heart, trusting their Source, and believing that such faith has its reward.  You have been marching courageously forward, allowing Spirit to be your guide, abandoning more and more the limits of your logical mind.  You have been walking boldly forward with no knowledge of the outcome of your actions, other than your faith that the voice you are hearing is true.  You have been boldly stepping forward in spite of fears, doubts, or concerns, trusting that they are untruths, and that the only truth is the voice you hear urging you onward.  That, my dear one, is a demonstration of faith.

You have been willing to walk a path that at times has appeared unclear, trusting that by doing so your steps will be made firm and your path will become clearly marked.  Now you are getting to see the rewards of that faith.  But faith must come first.  Many want proof – and then they will believe.  I say believe – and then you will see proof.

You have a marvelous tale to tell, my dear one, as do all others who are walking in faith.  It is a simple story.  A story of being called.  A story of hearing Source.  A story of your willingness to be coaxed forward.  A story of the actions you took.  A story of the doubt and hesitation with which you often took them.  A story of your battles with fear and unworthiness.  A story of your determination to overcome the limits of your mind.  A story of your increasing awakening to your own power.  A story of your faith becoming strong without proof of your faith being warranted.

Yours is a simple story of Everyman.  It is a story of awakening.  Of awakening to truth.  Of awakening to power.  Of awakening to the beauty of life.  Of reunion with Source.  Yours is a story about learning the simple rules of life.  And it is so simple a truth.  Just be with what is so.

There is no tomorrow, except for the tomorrow that you create.  Today is a beautiful gift meant to be thoroughly enjoyed.  Look with wonder at each of your todays.  Have they ever been anything other than beautiful – and beautifully abundant?  Any shadows on your days came from living in the future or reliving the past. And I say that the future is one filled with love, abundance, and great wealth of both the spirit and of the world.  Do not rush things or force things to happen.  Just enjoy each day as it unfolds – moment by glorious moment.

Continue to walk boldly forward, my dear one.  I am continuing to lead you with love, for that is my only tool.  Step into your day knowing that love surrounds you, for I am complete.


About Common Courage

Intrigued? Make sure to read, "Introduction," for an invitation designed to provide a context for a journey of self-discovery. Like little children, may you be led into your awakening.........
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