Lesson 108 – Producing Results – Be Who You Are

Let us continue the discussion about “results.”  Many are focused on “results” being the proof of who they are.  That is a dangerous assumption, for when results are not as you believe they ought to be, you then make the leap into believing that you therefore cannot be that whom you are.  And then, rather than being the powerful creator that you are meant to be, you become a person of powerlessness, doing what powerless people do, and having the results a powerless person would have.

I say you have the progression all wrong.  You are looking at results to justify who you are, to empower that which you do.  I say the exact opposite is true, and that many of your struggles and frustrations are due to this error of thinking.

I say that first you must “be” every bit who you know, deep within your heart, yourself to be.  Do not for one moment look at your results to  justify this instruction.  Be that whom you were made to be.  Feel the strength that is within you.  Feel it as it courses through your body, filling you with power, boldness, and the strength that comes from knowing Truth.

Feel it.  Be it.  Be it fully.  You do not need to justify or prove the truth.  Just  be with what is so.  There is nothing you need to do.  Nothing you need to prove.  No results you need to demonstrate. Just be.  You have no right to do anything, or expect any results, until you have mastered this very important first step of simply being fully that whom you are.

Look at people you admire.  They have mastered the progression.  Those who seem to have the results you desire did not produce them by forcing action.  Yes, they certainly took action.  Lots of bold action.  But first, before any results justified their belief, they knew who they were.

The world’s best athletes.  The world’s best performers.  The world’s best business people.  The world’s best philanthropists.  The world’s best spiritual leaders.  The world’s best mothers, fathers, husband, wives, lovers.  It matters not what description you fill in.  What matters is the understanding that anyone who has demonstrated deep accomplishment, first began by being who they were, fully and so deep that it filled every pore of their being.  And only then, did these “greats” take action, and only then, were those great and confirming results produced.

The “being-ness” must come first, before there are any results to justify the description.  It cannot be any other way.  For if you look to results to justify your way of being, the results will never be strong enough to do that.  They cannot ever be, for results will never be strong enough to justify a shift in belief.

What must you do to produce the results you desire?  You must first be – fully – that whom you know in your heart yourself to be.  You must first be that, down to your bones, before anything that you do produces the full range of results you desire.

There is no way to prove who you are.  You simply must act on faith.  And then, all of your actions and all of your thoughts must be congruent with who you are.  Being who you are – when there are no results to warrant that belief – is the only way to achieve real and lasting results.

Most are operating in a logical, but misguided way.  You must first be the greatness that you are, and only then, coming from that degree of certainty, can actions be taken and results produced.

Take these words in, knowing that these words come from love, and are meant to be received in love, for I am complete.


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2 Responses to Lesson 108 – Producing Results – Be Who You Are

  1. B says:

    good to see you back x

    • Thank you so much! Common Courage needed a bit of ripening, to now come back in full force, more confident than ever about the validity of these writings – because they have been well-tested and fully lived. Thanks for being a reader! May your life continue to ripen in all sorts of delicious ways! CC

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