Lesson 107 – You Are Me / I Am You

You are me and I am you.  And I am going to repeat that statement repeatedly, and in many different ways, until the truth of those words becomes clear to you.

Continue to focus on that which you desire.  Continue to feel the power created by that desire.  Continue to acknowledge your relationship with me, and use that acknowledgment to bathe your desire in love.  Feel the power of that desire fill you and fuel you.  And then?  Give up control over the results.  Trust that your desire has put into motion the events that will support its manifestation.  And do so without dwelling on how that manifestation occurs.  Allow the results to unfold as they may.

As you become more and more certain of who you are – your results will become that much more delicious.  Enjoy each and every one of them, knowing that my love surrounds you, for I am complete.


About Common Courage

Intrigued? Make sure to read, "Introduction," for an invitation designed to provide a context for a journey of self-discovery. Like little children, may you be led into your awakening.........
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