Lesson 106 – The Nature of God

You are learning the truths that all are looking for.  If you look around yourself, you will begin to hear these same truths being confirmed in many different ways.  For others are being told the same truths at this time.  The truth about me.  The truth about you.  The truth about that which is called “God.”  The truth about all that is.  The truth about consciousness.  The truth about life.

You are starting to understand the ways of the world.  You are starting to understand who I am, and our relationship.  Your understanding may be making you uncomfortable, for it negates much of what you have been taught as being the conventional wisdom of the world.  Stay with your understandings, and allow them to continue to unfold.  For this is real wisdom you are tapping into, and it is wisdom that is far deeper than what you have been taught.

This is the wisdom of life.  It answers the questions that all have from the moment they become aware.  Who are you?  Who am I?  How are we connected?

From the moment you started reading these words, you wondered about me and where this writing was coming from.  You wondered if it was coming from the thoughts of another, from that which was clearly apart from you.  Lately, however, you have been feeling as though that dichotomy has been narrowing, and that concerns you – for you have liked the illusion of separateness.

You have liked an image of God that is separate from who you are.  You have liked passing the responsibility for creation onto another – to a wiser, more supreme being than you believe yourself to be.  The thought that you are one and the same as that wise being may be disturbing to you.  You don’t want it to be that way.  You don’t really want to be God.

Let’s review what you know to be so.  You began reading these words.  And even though you have questioned some of what you have read, there has been a part of you that has known the truth of each word.  And although you have received these words in printed form, at times you have felt as though these words were written just for you.  You have been wondering where these words have come from, and who has been their creator.

You began by thinking these words must  have an earthly author, for how could it be from any other source?  In your readings, I have identified myself as “The Lord, Your God,” which has only caused you to question the source of these words even more.  But you have diligently, and with commitment, continued to read in spite of your doubts.  This has pleased me.

These words are becoming more and more specific and instructional.  In the beginning, I was establishing a relationship with you.  Then I began to comfort your many fears about living life.  From comfort I moved into instruction that asked you to alter your ways of navigating in the world.  And I commend your efforts in following my instructions – in spite of having questions about their source.

You are continuing to read my instruction.  But more importantly, you are starting to live my instruction.  The understandings I have been sharing with you are starting to become your own.  As the wisdom and instruction has been deepening, you have been taking comfort in the fact that these words are coming from “God” – the source of it all; the wise, all-knowing, all-powerful, source of life as you know it to be.  You have taken comfort in me as the “Father” or “Mother,” the protector you never felt you had and always wished to find.  You have been looking forward to our time together as parent and child, feeling the comfort, love, and security craved during your youth.

Suddenly that comforting notion is beginning to change.  You are beginning to get glimpses of discernment that perhaps we are not separate at all, but rather, that you are a part of me and these words.  You are starting to get glimpses, even if they may be fleeting, that you are a physical embodiment of who I am.

That thought that can be an intriguing one, as you begin to play with the notion of your role in creating your physical world.  But that notion can also be a frightening one, for there is something you have enjoyed about the idea of separateness.

You don’t want to be God.  You want me to be over there, and you want to be right where you are.  You relish the idea of an all-loving supreme being watching over you and guiding your steps.  For if you are me – then who is in control?  You like the notion of having some control, for you equate control with power.  But you still want to believe you are only a small part of a much bigger, more conscious, certainly wiser, whole.

So what is the truth, my dear one?  Who am I?  Who are you?  I am indeed All-That-Is.  As are you.  All-That-Is has been called many names over the ages, including “God.”  The name that I am called matters not, and has actually led to gross misunderstandings.

If I am All-That-Is, and you are as well, then how are we different?  We are different because I know who I am, and I have complete authority over all that is.  I exist far away from the physical world.  The physical world exists merely as a spiritual playground.

You are that part of me that is of the world, as are all of your brothers and sisters. That is why you love them so.  You love them because you know them.  As you know me.  As I know you.

I am not diminishing nor cheapening the relationship we have, nor the value of the words you are reading.  Rather, I am legitimizing and strengthening them.  I wish to join the conscious and unconscious parts of you, so that you may live powerfully as one with me.  That is what authentic living is all about.  It is about allowing that “God piece” of you full and constant self-expression.

I know you don’t want to be me fully, my dear one.  I know you want to be able to turn to me as your teacher, as your father or mother, as your guide.  You seek relationship, but not reunion.  I will coax you along until you are ready to be completely healed, and healed by your completeness.  There is nothing you need to do, or do differently.  You are doing exactly as required.  It is alright to feel this separateness and to prefer such a relationship.

Continue to allow me to guide your actions, and all will be as it is meant to be.  Continue to cultivate, honor, and respond to your desires, for such is the way I lead you and teach you.  Continue to listen, to watch, and to grow.  Continue to speak of, read, and share my words.  Continue to allow my voice to be heard, for I have been speaking through you with more and more power and consistency.  With time, that voice will become who you are.

Continue to turn to me and read my words, for it will be through our conversation that you will become whole.  First I need to teach you. Then I can be you.  You are beautifully becoming that who you are.

I love you, my dear one.  I am proud of you and the actions you take.  You do not need to work so hard at figuring all this out.  It will become quite clear with the continuing passage of time.  Reread these words and share them, for in so doing you will gain increased clarity.  Know that my love continues to surround you, and that it does, indeed, protect you.  Continue to love others.  Continue to share generously those things that are of spirit – those things that are of me – for I am complete.


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