Lesson 105 – Be Here Now

You are doing exactly as you are meant to do.  All is as it should be.  I have led you to this day.  And I have no intention of ever abandoning you. For I am a part of you, just as you are a part of me.

You do, however, require some correction, my dear one. You are focused too much on worry, too much on doubt, too much on tomorrow.  Be here now!  For now is all that there is.

Be fully present now, knowing that by so doing you will have the tomorrows of your dreams.  For I will say it again – Today lived fully will make your tomorrows certain and your past a powerful memory. 

Those are powerful words.  Print them out.  Display them where you can see them.  And then?  Live them!

Ask yourself quite frequently whether or not you are fulfilling those words.  Start today.  This moment.  Right now.  Use your emotion as your guide.  When you feel emotion that supports your full self-expression, you are living fully in the moment. When you are feeling emotion that diminishes your expression – you are focusing on that which is not of me.

Lighten up, my dear one, and look around you.  Drink in the wonder that is your life and revel in its magnificence and beauty.  Why do you believe that this will change tomorrow?  There is no tomorrow.  There is only an endless stream of beautiful todays.

What must you do to live fully in today?  Live in love and gratitude.  Notice what is so.  Be fully present in your circumstances.  Express your natural joy.  Worry not about tomorrow, for your worries are groundless.  Just take each step, bathed in love and gratitude, and the next step will be waiting for you.

Enjoy your day.  Enjoy your circumstances.  Enjoy your relationships.  Enjoy the abundance that is yours today.  Live today fully – as you are to live each and every day of your life.  Start now, knowing that my love surrounds you, for I am complete.


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