Lesson 104 – Working Too Hard

You work too hard,  and you are often focused on the wrong things.  You believe that hard work and strong effort are what produces results.  I am here to tell you otherwise.  Your rewards are not a function of how hard you work, nor how many hours you commit to physical output.  Your rewards are always a function of your desire.

The cause and effect relationship is not as you see it.  You believe that if you do “A,” then “B” will happen.  I am saying that although “A” may need to occur, it is not because of doing “A” that results appear.  There is only one rule:  Desire + Love + Action = Results.  Action is not what creates the result.  Action is only needed to start the movement of energy.  And Action can be very small.

Focus on what you want.  Focus on why you want it.  Focus on the results you wish to obtain.  Focus on your role as the creator.  Focus on your desire to be of service.  Feel your power return to you as you tap into the truth.  Allow it to fill your body with its surge of power.  Know that the details of the outcome will match and support your desire.  And only when you’ve done all that, are you to take action, knowing that all of my universe will align to make the results real.  The action is the last and least important step.

You think that time spent learning my ways, time spent connecting with me, and time spent immersing yourself in love is indulgent time, and that the real work starts when you are doing work that can be measured.  I am here to tell you that it is time engaged in spirit-feeding work that is your real work, and that it is this time that is the reason for your success.  The “doing” is just the follow-through that is required.  It is not the reason for results.

This instruction is so important, that I am going to repeat it one more time:


You have an incorrect relationship stored in your understandings.  It is your creation time, your desire time, your gratitude time, your love-making time, that produces miracles.  Rather than thinking of these heart-opening times as discretionary time, I ask you to think of these times as Power Time.  As Creation Time.  As Source Time for All-That-Is.

You are not being lazy, selfish, unproductive, hedonistic, or wasteful during such times.  Spending heart-based time does not mean that you then have to work harder or for longer hours to make up for it.  Quite the opposite is true.  The more you cultivate and honor this power time, the less hard you will have to work.  For you will come to know your role in creation, and you will know what is required to live a life you love.

“Working Hard” is often fear-driven, coming from a notion of lack, limitation, or unworthiness, negating the power of who you are.  On the other hand, joyful celebration and love-filled creation are the actions that come from love.  And abundance is always the result from those actions, for abundance is your natural state when grounded in truth, surrounded by love.  Simple.

So spend more time being and less time doing.  Live each moment secure in the knowing that my love is always with you.  And start to do so now, for I am complete.


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2 Responses to Lesson 104 – Working Too Hard

  1. Cathy Lynn says:

    Awesome my dear one…I am so happy to see you have the courage to allow these truths to be revealed!!! xxoo

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