Lesson 103 – What Do You Desire?

Desire + Love + Action = Results.  That’s the formula for creation.  It’s that easy.  You must always come from love to produce the results you desire.  Love provides the energy that is needed.  For love is strength. Create in weakness, coming from fear and lack, and the results will reflect their creative source.

What do you desire?  It is not money you desire, although I know you would enjoy the freedom you perceive money would bring you.  It is not material abundance that you desire, although that is something that would please you as well.  It is always the ability to touch the hearts of many in ways that are uniquely yours.  That is the result you are to focus on.

Focus on that intention.  Feel the love inspired by that intention.  See the celebration that comes from those results being created in the world, and all will be as you visualize.  For you are a natural creator.  You always have been.  You need only look at the circumstances of your life to know the undeniable truth of that statement.

You are learning how to create with intention.  And with intentionality comes power.  Power to create your circumstances as you desire them to be.  Power to serve as an example to others.  Power to show others the way.

Practice creating intentionally from a place of love.  Know that you are never alone, for my love surrounds you.  Start to do so now, for I am complete.


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4 Responses to Lesson 103 – What Do You Desire?

  1. “The ability to touch the hearts of many in ways that are uniquely yours”… this really strikes a chord with me. Thank you for this!

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