Lesson 101 – Pulled Into Greatness

Notice the ways in which desire is making itself known to you, and then heed and honor those desires.  For desire will pull you into greatness.  Allow the desire to build its momentum until it pulls you forward into action.

Desire may create a period of struggle for you at first.  This is good, because it means that which you have been taught is battling against that which you know.   It can be frightening to give up that which you have been taught, for you believe that these teachings have led to your successful navigation of life.  I am here to say you have been successful in spite of that which you have been taught.

You have been taught fear.  You have been taught to always “be prepared.”  You have been taught to “plan ahead.”  You have been taught to sacrifice today’s pleasures for tomorrow’s security.  And why were you taught this?  You were taught these ways because you were also taught that you have no control over your circumstances, and that life’s events are random and accidental.

Therefore, you were taught to always prepare for the worst to occur, a sad commentary on how far removed my children have become from the truth.  For the truth is exactly the opposite of that which you have been taught.  Fearlessly honor your desires, for they are meant to bring you joy and fulfillment, not despair and disappointment.

Life is not an accident.  Your circumstances are not a random accidental collection of events and experiences.  Everything is exactly as you created it to be.  Desire wondrous things, and wondrous things will be created to fulfill that desire.

Feel the love, peace, and contentment evoked by that understanding.  Feel the excitement that comes from knowing who you are and the power you have access to.  Claim that power and feel it fill you with its truth. Then boldly take action, knowing that as you do so all the events necessary for its complete and successful manifestation have been set into play.

Think of your desire as a giant cosmic pinball game.  You have desire.  You pull back and take action.  The first ball gets released.  Then you watch with enjoyment as it takes on a life of its own, gaining more and more power as each contact transfers more energy to the ball.

Life works in a very similar way.  Pull back and release the ball and then watch with delight as a beautiful dance of events starts to unfold.  And watch with the satisfaction and confidence of a creator.

Do not agonize over that which you desire.  Just allow your heart to lead you forward day by day.  Enjoy each new desire as it makes itself known.  Cultivate each desire.  Honor each desire.  Claim the importance of each desire.  Know the source of each desire.  Celebrate desire’s ability to result in creation.  And then take action, knowing that by doing so you have set into motion a most pleasing and satisfying chain of creation.

Spend time in the days ahead playing with your desire.  Put yourself into situations that will intensify your desire.  As you feel the strength of your desire increasing, know that your ability to create is increasing as well. As you start to engage in my instruction, know that all that you do is surrounded by my love, for I am complete.


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