Lesson 100 – Living the Life You Were Meant to Live

What is the nature of the work you are meant to do here on this earth?  In order to answer that question, let us begin with a discussion of the meaning of the word “work.”

Many believe that you “work” to be “productive.” You then earn “money.” And as you earn money, you become deserving of the “stuff” that money buys.  That is not my definition, nor was it ever my intention for my children to live their lives in that way.

You are meant to live each day under my guidance, facing each new day with a willingness to serve.  “Work” was never a concept of my making.  “Work” was a concept of the world meant to enslave my children.  My children were never meant to be chained to the tedious notion of performing actions in return for currency.  My children were meant to live life fully, using life’s circumstances to return to me.

If all that you desired was free, how would you choose to spend each day?  The answer to this question is exactly how you are meant to live.  For all is free, since all comes from me, and  I desire for you to be on this path.  Therefore, knowing of your financial freedom, knowing I am taking care of all of your needs, how would you spend each day?

You would wake each morning filled with appreciation and gratitude for the beauty that surrounds you.  You would start each day bathing yourself in the life energy that such beauty provides.  You would start each day becoming energized by acknowledging that connection.  You would start each day by turning to me to receive guidance as to your next steps.  And you would know that this time being spent is not frivolous time, for this is your “job.” Your “job” is meant to fill you with joy, peace, and contentment.

Feeling such things as you go about your day does not mean that you are engaged in pursuits that are wasteful, frivolous, or hedonistic.  It means the exact opposite.  It means you are truly living the life you were meant to live, doing that which you were created to do.  Your daily circumstances and your enjoyment of them demonstrate the rightness of your actions.

Where should your days take you?  Your days should be spent allowing the desires of your heart to pull you forward.  Your days should be spent in awareness of your power and your connection to me.  Your days should be spent engaged in ways that serve.  The “job” you are meant to do is the one you would do even without receiving payment in exchange for the actions you perform.

Allow your heart to lead you.  Circumstances will continue to appear to light your way.  When you allow yourself to be led by my spirit, there is no struggle.  Struggle is always an indication you are being pulled off your path.

Enjoy your circumstances.  Celebrate their magnificence.  The gate to the Garden of Eden has never been locked.  My children have simply been blind to its existence.  Yet, it is the place from which all are meant to live.

Live out this day, knowing you are pleasing me by heeding my call.  Know that my love surrounds you.  And start now, for I am complete.

A special note from CC:
Wishing you all untold blessings for the coming year.  May your hearts awaken fully to the beauty that you possess, and may you find the courage and the  inspiration to show that fullness to the world.  The world is hungry for true spiritual leaders.  What does it mean to be a spiritual leader?  It means to live by example; to demonstrate, with courage, what is common to each of us, and to show others what is possible.  

Three things motivate all of our actions:  Inspiration, Desperation, or Obligation.  As we step into a new year, may all of your actions be acts of inspiration, and may your actions, in turn, inspire many, as you inspire me.  

Happy New Year. 


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2 Responses to Lesson 100 – Living the Life You Were Meant to Live

  1. Michael says:

    As always this is a great post CC. Have a Happy New Year and looking forward to read more in 2012. God Bless. !!!

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