Lesson 99 – Desire + Love

There may be times when you will doubt my ability to follow-through and manifest all that is required.  Old patterns and habits may begin poking at you, telling you that you have been acting foolishly.  I am here to tell you that is not so.

Never forget who you are!  Allow me to remind you who you are and what you must do.  And I will remind you over and over again until you have a new understanding to replace the old:

1.  Identify your desires.

2.  Act on your desires, for desire is meant to lead you into action.

3.  Take time before engaging in any action to focus on what you are doing, your appreciation for what you are doing, and your role in its creation.

4.  Allow yourself to feel me, to feel love.

5.  Boldly take action, knowing that love is the energy that guarantees a complete manifestation of all that is required to guarantee success.

6.  Celebrate your appreciation for that which you did, your role in creation, my role in creation, and the complete manifestation of your desire.


That’s it.  That’s the process – even if you want to doubt that the process is correct or appropriate.

Look deep into your heart for there you will find all the answers.  Feel the love that is there.  Allow that love to fill every pore.  Allow the truth to wipe away the fears and doubts.  For you are a master at creation!

Look around yourself at the marvels of your physical world.  Notice every detail.  Notice the richness of your experience.  Notice the layers upon layers of congruency.  And where did all that come from?  It came from pure desire, powered by love.  Desire and love are the forces of creation  and you are masterful at both.

You have suppressed both desire and love, allowing fear, lack, and limitation to be your guide.  Now I am asking you to boldly allow me to guide you instead.  For I seek to build you up, not tear you down.  I desire to show you your power, not take it away.  I desire to lead you to the understanding of your role in your universe, not lead you astray.  I desire to remind you of ancient wisdoms, not rob you of illusion.  I desire to show you, so that you will come to trust my instruction.

Live life as it is meant to be lived.  Enjoy the power that comes from knowing undeniably your role in creation.  But first you must come to know who you are, and the strengths, powers, and abilities that you have.

Enjoy this day, my dear one, for it is meant to be a gift.  Stop questioning and start enjoying.  Choose from you heart.  Ask yourself the question, “How would I choose if there were no costs involved?”  For indeed, there is no cost to anything in your world.  For your ability to create the conditions of abundance is limitless.

I will ask you a question, my sweet one.  When you choose, are you choosing based on love and desire?  Or are you choosing based on lack and limitation?  If that which you desire were literally free, would you make the same choice?  Because, my dear one, I will tell you a little secret – all things are free!  Money is an illusion you created as part of your physical world.  Abundance versus lack is an illusion you created to maintain the first illusion.  The way to shift illusions is to boldly challenge them and to do so in love.

So I ask you to choose, and to do so with eyes wide open to the understanding of who you are, what you are doing, and why your actions have the power to create.  And when fear and doubt rise up, for they will until you are operating with the certainty that comes from knowing, stand tall behind the truth of these words and  know the rightness of your ways.

Have no fear, my dear one, of the consequences of the actions you take.  Enjoy each manifestation of your desire, as well as the manifestations that you are not yet aware of.  Each creation leads to more creation, for life is a chain-reaction – a delightful chain-reaction of desire plus love leading to creation.

Enjoy this day, for it is my gift to you.  Play fully, knowing that my love surrounds you and is guiding your steps.  And start now, for I am complete.


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