Lesson 97 – Flowing In One Direction

I grant you the desires of your heart.  Always.  The birthright of all of my children is to live lives of abundance, love, grace, and full self-expression.  The only thing stopping you from receiving those desires is the fear that keeps you from claiming the truth.

You have desires.  Fear then prevents you from acting on your desires.  Fear that you cannot “afford” it, (which I put into quotations for it is a creation of your mind that has no bearing on truth).  Fear that you don’t “deserve” it. Fear that you haven’t “earned” it.  Fear of the “consequences”.  Pursuing and acting upon all that you desire is the only way to reclaim your power to create.

Boldly pursue that which you desire without any concern for the consequences.  For as you reclaim more power with each successful pursuit, you will see your circumstances beautifully arrange themselves to support your actions.  For such is as I designed it.

There are no winners or losers in this game.  All are meant to win.  Those who believe they have lost are failing to play by the rules.  And the rules are so simple and so enjoyable:

1.  Your  heart desires.

2.  Desire “feels good” and pulls you toward action.

3.  Always act on and follow through with what your heart desire.

4.  Worry not about consequences for events will always support your actions when you act in truth.

That’s it.  The rules for this game called Life.

This is not a game of worry, fear, or doubt.  Those are the rules for a game that my children made up.  They are not the rules of my game.  They are the rules of a game created out of lack and limitation, which is a game that cannot be won.  For what is the prize of that game?  Failure.  What is the prize of a game of love?  All that your heart desires.

You have been playing life boldly, without fully knowing or understanding the rules.  You have been making all the right moves, without knowing the reasons why they have been right.  Now try playing the game with even more boldness, boldness that comes from fully knowing the four simple rules of the game.  Print them out where you can see them.  Reread them until they become your truth.

All wish for the desires of their hearts to come true.  Sadly, many have decided that that is not how life is meant to be.  And I say, “Rubbish!”  Life is meant to show you that the desires of your heart were put there in order to teach you how to obtain them.  And it all starts by allowing your desires to dictate your actions.  Allow your desires to pull you downstream with the current.  There is only one direction in which to flow.

Boldly follow the desires of your heart, knowing you are doing the right thing and that your actions will bring their own rewards.  Begin now, for I am complete.


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