Lesson 94 – Desire: The Seat of Creation

Much has been offered to you that you have rejected.  You have shown others by your actions that there is nothing you require.  That is not true.  You have needs and desires that run deep.  But life has taught you to not expect to receive them.

You have learned this lesson so well that you deny the existence of your desires.  You go through your life focusing on desiring little, and guess what you receive?  You receive exactly that which you are focused on – little.

Look around yourself.  You have received that which you expected to receive.  Nothing more.  And nothing less.

But now you are speaking some truths.  Now you have become strong enough to shout out that there is more that you desire.  Good for you!  For I am here to give you the desires of your heart.  You are here to express desire and to learn of your ability to create.  My children on earth are all creators.  They were made in my image.  The secret is to learn to create with intentionality.

You have learned that to desire lavishly is a bad thing.  That is not the truth.  The truth is, there is no limit to what is available to you.  There is nothing wrong with desiring great wealth, for with great wealth you can do great things.  Great wealth gives you great power to make great differences.  For wealth is the currency of the world.  Acquire it and then you can trade it for what you truly want.

Receive all that others desire to give to you.  To not do so, deprives many of much.  Know you are worthy of receiving.  You have created a reservoir of desire.  The time has come to open up the dam and allow it to come raging out.

Ask and you shall receive.  Your desires are not bad, my dear one.  For desire is the seat of creation.  Creation always starts with desire.  Focus on desire, and that will open the door to receiving.  For you cannot receive what you don’t desire.  Desire is the core.

There is nothing you must do.  You will receive all that you desire, for your desire is bigger than you are.  Enjoy every moment of the cycle of desire, creation, receiving, for that is as I intend.  Start now, bathed in my love, for I am complete.


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