Lesson 92 – Celebrate Discomfort

I must commend you, my dear one, for this path of learning that you are on.  Your willingness to learn the ways of the warrior pleases and delights me.  You think you are on a very personal journey.  Although the details are unique to you, the journey is universal.  For all must learn of my ways to learn fully of their own.

You are learning to just be, and I know that has not been entirely pleasant for you.  You have been willing to be with uncertainty, and to quiet your mind’s commentary.  That is good, and you must continue to practice, for it will get easier with time.

This journey may become uncomfortable.  Celebrate any discomfort for the victory that it is.  Don’t look for explanations.  Don’t look for justifications.  Don’t look to escalate or minimize the experience.  Don’t dwell in your thoughts.  Simply be quiet, and experience not knowing without any commentary from your mind.

Being able to be with discomfort is a marvelous success, and one which must be celebrated.  Do not for a moment consider your reaction to be an indication of a problem.  Your reaction is an indication of a solution.  For you are finally starting to be with what is so without judgment and without the jabber of your mind.

Continue to practice the way to be, knowing that with continuing practice it will no longer be practice, but it will become your way.  It was the creation of the mind that banished you from my garden.  Now I am inviting you to return and bring many others with you.

You have been living in your mind, which is not living at all.  Continue to strengthen your ability to live outside of your mind, and notice how that is done.  It is always done by noticing what is so at that moment, and by surrounding yourself in love, and by expressing gratitude for what is.  The mind lives in the past and in the future.  You live in now.

Living in now takes trust, faith, and love.  Trust that I am a loving God seeking to bring only good to my children.  Have faith that my teachings are real and that there is no need to live in fear.  Feel love, for love heals all.

Continue with your practices, and you will see that this is the only way.  With that understanding will come great sadness.  For you will start to see the empty fear-filled lives my children are living in their minds.  Use the sadness of your awareness to propel you into right action.  For I am calling each one of you.

Know that you are surrounded by my love, and simply be with what is.  Be kind to yourself and love one another.  I am complete.


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Intrigued? Make sure to read, "Introduction," for an invitation designed to provide a context for a journey of self-discovery. Like little children, may you be led into your awakening.........
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