Lesson 91 – Pervasive Fear

Fear has been your companion for very long time.  You first met fear during your childhood, when you discovered life was not always as you expected it to be.  Fear came knocking at your door and promised to protect you from such pain in the future.  Amid your wounds you gladly allowed fear to enter thinking fear had the answer.  You believed fear’s lie that it would protect you from such devastation in the future.

You have believed that fear has been your protector when it has not.  You have believed that fear has kept devastation away from your door.  This has not been true.  Fear has kept life from your door, for that has been fear’s intention.

You have thought yourself protected.  You have not been protected.  You have been deadened, and you are now experiencing an awakening.   You are afraid to let fear go, for you have believed very strongly that fear has been your friend.

As you immerse yourself more and more with simply being present to what is so, you feel exposed, naked, and vulnerable.  Your thoughts want to remind you of what you believe you have lost, or believe you could lose.  Yet, you are willing to remain with me in your nakedness, without the comforting blanket of fear.

The tightness you feel in your abdomen, upper chest, or throat are emotions that desire expression, emotions that you hold in thinking they are expressions of your life’s terrors.  They are not.  What you’re holding in is your grief at all that fear has robbed you of.  Grief, when experienced, causes pain of its own.  But the pain of grief is a healing pain.  Once experienced, the heart is once again made whole.

Allow me to give you some instruction, my dear warrior.   If you are feeling anxious, celebrate this reaction of yours, for it is an indication that you are moving beyond fear’s limitations.   You are finally experiencing life as it was meant to be experienced – fully and with the vulnerability of the naked.  Rejoice in your vulnerability, for your vulnerability is freedom.   Know that what you’re experiencing is good, healthy, and healing.  Any tightness in your body is emotion that I’m leading you to release.

You are not experiencing fear.  You are experiencing grief mislabeled.  This grief is now rising because it is time for it to be released.  It is an indication of your healing.  It is not an indication of failure.  It is an indication of wild success, enormous growth, and a willingness to be healed.

Be with my instruction, my dear one, and allow your experience to unfold.  Experience life from a place of vulnerability, and learn that this is as it should be,  and that this is good.

I have given you much to be with,  and that is all you must do – be with what is so.  Celebrate any emotional discomfort you may be feeling, knowing it demonstrates health not weakness.  Allow events to unfold as they are meant to do, and do so by not suppressing anything that comes from me.

You are walking a path of spiritual healing that all must walk.   Although each of my children have unique circumstances from which they must recover, the healing journey is the same one.  It is one that is universal.

As you continue with your journey, always know that my love surrounds you.  Start to contemplate my words, for I am complete.


About Common Courage

Intrigued? Make sure to read, "Introduction," for an invitation designed to provide a context for a journey of self-discovery. Like little children, may you be led into your awakening.........
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2 Responses to Lesson 91 – Pervasive Fear

  1. B says:

    Did you write this about me… 😛 Been in sooo much physical pain (tightening in the chest/back) since Asana died. I had to stop Yoga!!! I’ve only just started again after well over a month. This post puts it into perspective. Thank you CC Xxxxxxx

    • Of course I wrote about you! This is your journey, after all. 😉 The only way to heal from grief is to allow it to be. Remember that the pain you have been feeling is an acknowledgment of the love that you shared. Know that as the pain slowly runs its course, and it will, all that will remain is the love, which never ends. May blessings continue to surround you and Asana. CC

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