Lesson 90 – Be Here Now

You wish to know where you are going.  But you spend too much time thinking about next steps and too little time enjoying the step you are on.  Enjoy this step.  And then enjoy the next step, and the next step, and the next one after that.  For each step makes up the journey that is your life here on earth.  How sad it would be to imagine a glorious life missed because of an obsession with the future.

Your childhood taught you to look ahead and to be prepared.  Now you must unlearn that way, for your circumstances are certain.  So why do you focus on what’s ahead?  What need does it serve when the future is filled with glory and your present is glorious as well?

“If you knew where you were going you would have no fear.”  Know where you are going, and then focus on now.  Your past has trained you to live in your future, a future which never arrives.  And your present – your marvelous love-filled, joyous, abundant present – is never experienced.  So here is your instruction for today – be here.  Now.  And now.  And now.  And now.

You meditate, yet you are not always here.  Even while meditating, your thoughts drift to the future, for your mind is expert at doing that.  Be here.  Notice what that is like.

Take a moment right now.  Close your eyes.  Breathe deeply from your belly.  Allow your mind to quiet.  Be with me.  Notice what that is like for you.  Notice your breathing.  Feel the temperature of the room upon your skin.  Continue to breathe and relax more and more with each breath.  Notice the sounds which are around you, for they may be subtle.  And most importantly – enjoy being here with me now.  Allow yourself to smile.  For there is nothing to be afraid of.

There is only love and beauty in your life.  As there will always be.  For you see?  There is no need to worry about your future, or to even wonder about it.  Your future is all of your todays.  But you need to live, love, and honor your todays.  If you fail to do so, then your yesterdays will be nothing but a blur.  And that is not what I desire for my children.  I desire for each day to be a day filled with creative wonder, creating a lifetime of magnificence.  But the only way for that to occur is to be here.  Now.

It will take some effort and some retraining, for you are so used to living ahead and failing to see the magnificence of where you are right now.  But start to retrain yourself.  As you find yourself living ahead, unaware of your present, bring yourself back to the truth of where you are at this moment.  For it is always good.  Take a moment at those times to be, to notice, to take in, to enjoy, and ultimately to celebrate.  For you will see that when you do so, there is nothing but love.

There cannot be fear when there is love, and this is so because love is me.  I am light.  Fear is from darkness.  Be here now – with me – and your light will not allow fear’s presence to be summoned forth.  Live each moment fully aware of that moment’s richness, and those moments will become the life you desire.  There is no future.  There is only now.

Being alone makes it more difficult to simply be present.  For you are also alone with your thoughts, and your thoughts want to live in the future.  You like being busy, because when you are busy, you are focused on your task, and you are now present.  Your instruction is to train yourself to be present at every moment – especially those moments when you are not actively occupied.

You can do this, but it will take some dedicated concentration.  As you feel your mind take you into thoughts of the future, especially those thoughts which do not support the future you desire, direct yourself back to now.  Focus on what is so.  Notice all of what is so.  And enjoy the experience.  For that is all that there is.

Open your eyes and take in your circumstances, for they are rich and wondrous.  You have been given many gifts, and will be given many more.  The secret to receiving more is to show appreciation for those you have been given, and to do so at every moment of every day.  By doing so, you notice where you now are.  That is living in the present.

Start to practice as you go about your day.  Continue to practice each and every day.  With continued practice, living in now will become as effortless for you as living in the future has been.  Start now, by feeling my love, for I am complete.


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