Lesson 89 – If You Knew Where You Were Going…

“If you knew where you were going, you would have no fear.”

Feel the certainty that those words evoke.  For is not certainty more desirable than doubt?  Certainty brings strength to your actions.  Doubt brings fear and a lack of definition to all that you do.

You may act boldly, but your actions are colored by the strength of your doubts.  So I will repeat, “If you knew where you were going, you would have no fear.”  Are those not lovely words?

Reread them over and over again until they burn inside of you.  For I know the answer and I have told you the answer over and over again.  Yet, you do not act consistently in that knowledge.  So I will repeat, “If you knew where you were going, you would have no fear.”

Concentrate on those words.  Feel an immediate sense of peacefulness wash over you.  Feel the tightness within you relax as you feel the truth of those words.  For you do know.  Your heart knows.  You heart knows of the wonders that lie ahead.  But then you allow your mind to whisper otherwise.

I say to banish all doubt, all thoughts of failure.  “If you knew where you were going, you would have no fear.”  Walk in those words.  Live those words.  Come to replace the word “if” with, “You know where you are going, so have no fear.”

I am trying to tell you to trust me.  I am trying to tell you to surround yourself with reminders of the truths that you know.  You must look for ways to gain strength, rather than immersing yourself in ways that diminish your strength. Let the words of the statement, “If you knew where you were going you would have no fear,” fuel your dreams.  For the dreams of your youth are your future.

Continue to dream.  Continue to express desire.  And then act according to the truth of those words.  Focus on their truth.  Allow their truth to resonate within.  Allow the words to keep you strong.  Repeat those words over and over again and write them where you can see them regularly.  Turn to them if ever you falter.  And then remember that I know the answer, as do you.


About Common Courage

Intrigued? Make sure to read, "Introduction," for an invitation designed to provide a context for a journey of self-discovery. Like little children, may you be led into your awakening.........
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5 Responses to Lesson 89 – If You Knew Where You Were Going…

  1. Jesus is the Only Way. If you choose another way, you’re off course. Connie

  2. You have spoken directly to me and I am greatful.
    I do know where I am going and it feels wonderful! I have begun to live my desire for divine fulfilment. I am excited and eager.
    You have touched me very deeply, again.

    • Of course you know where you are going. It was written on your heart the day you were born. The secret is to remember……. Find some undeniable anchors for yourself to help you in remembering should you ever momentarily forget. Many blessings as you continue your journey. CC

  3. It is amazing when you come back to the center of your being how quickly your life moves forward. Once I accept the direction that God has sent me, all that I need to complete this next step arrives immediately!
    Almost so fast that I am nudged off center a bit. It would be so easy to step backward again and hide. It takes courage and faith to meet these whirlwinds and move forward with grace.
    Right now I am thinking about expanding my site and the necessary information is flowing toward me fast.

    • And so it is! The secret is to have the discernment to hear the whisper, and then to have the courage, the common courage, to take those action steps. With the support and encouragement of others of like-mind (Even if through a blog!) the walk becomes easier and easier, and the understanding of the collective is shifted. Here’s to celebrating your continuing commitment to walking forward with courage, and to demonstrating, even if it’s in ways you will never know, how it is done. CC

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