Lesson 88 – Whispered Lies

Fear does not exist, except in your own mind.  Yet my children live their lives as though fear were more real than me.  I am truth.  Fear is made up of whispered lies.  My children embrace fear more easily than they do me.

Fear is the motivator of all things called evil.  Love is the antidote.  Create in love, and all things are possible.  Create in fear, and destruction results.

You struggle with fear because you are unable to fully surrender to my ways.  The answer to that struggle is to surround yourself in love. That is a truth that is undeniable.

Your rational mind wants to see proof of me.  When it lacks proof, it opens the door to fear.  Surrendering to my ways without rational proof is the highest expression of faith.

You are surrounded by love and abundance.  So what is it that you fear?  You fear having that which you desire.  For you fear that were you to truly experience having it, it might be taken from you.  Lack feels more comfortable than loss.

You decided long ago that if you had nothing, and desired nothing, then nothing could be lost.  There is error in that thinking.  Do not look at what can be lost.  Focus instead on what you have.  For once you have had something, it can never be taken away.  Train yourself to see all that you have.  For you have all that you need.

Celebrate all that you have and more will be given to you.  Worry about what you do not have or what might be taken from you, and fear will indeed take it.  Fear steals life.  I give life.  You have a choice.  You can give fear your joy.  Or you can allow me to magnify your joy.  Which do you choose?

You have the ability to choose joy at every moment, starting with right now.  Or you can choose to release joy to the fears that would love to have you do that.  The choice is yours to make.  Fear doesn’t steal joy.  You give it away.

I encourage you to become angry with fear and refuse its invitation.  And then turn to me, knowing I only desire to give to you.  Know that there is nothing you must do other than to receive.  Know that receiving is not taking.  Taking is getting what others do not desire to give to you.  You cannot take what others wish to give.

Your instruction for today is to express joy over the magnificence that is your life.  Worry not about tomorrow, for each of your tomorrow’s will be as joy-filled as your today.  Share love with those around you, knowing it comes from me, for I am complete.


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