Lesson 87 – Banish Fear/Speak Truth

Only desire that comes from love will be made real.  Therefore, when fear begins to cloak your desires, you must banish it.

When fear makes itself known to you, you try to resist it.  That is not the way to banish fear when it comes knocking at your door.  When fear makes an appearance, do not pretend not to see, for your denial simply makes fear more persistent.  Do not invite it to come in.  But do not deny that it has come knocking.

The response to fear is not to deny its existence, but to shed my light on it by telling the truth about what is so.  Only by acknowledging truth will fear be banished.  Speak the truth boldly and without reservation, even if you believe that what is so is unwanted and undesirable.  For the truth spoken will shed light on what is so. And darkness cannot exist where there is light.  Truth will always return you to me.

That is my instruction.  I am complete.


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4 Responses to Lesson 87 – Banish Fear/Speak Truth

  1. Selina Ray says:

    Love this Lesson 86!
    I’ve been speaking this for a while now… Understanding the freedom to live authentically by acknowledging the fear, has lead to so many breakthroughs. Facing a fear, somehow diminishes its potency.

    • Ah! Those shadows that stand between you and your authentic self…. As the writer before you so wisely said, “Welcoming fear with love transforms fear….” Think what the world would be like if we were taught about fear, rather than about what makes us fearful? Thanks for sharing. CC

  2. I like what you have posted, but I think that fear, like all other things, are just a fragmentation of love. Instead of ‘not letting it in the door’ I find, for me, that welcoming it with love transforms fear into its true nature of love. I actually just wrote a post on it if you’d like to check it out I’d love to hear your response.

    • Welcoming fear with love and honoring it for its place in our evolution is far different from wallowing in it, which is what the writing is teaching about. One sets it free by shedding light upon it. The other keeps it in place by allowing habitual thought patterns to give it power. “The response to fear is not to deny its existence, but to shed light on it by telling the truth about what is so.” And that means witnessing the experience, rather than our reaction to the experience. The “not letting it in the door” is the doorway of our minds – our collections of judgments, beliefs, and decisions we have made. And not letting it in the doorway of our minds is very different from welcoming the experience with love, knowing of its empowering role as our teacher, as you have so wisely suggested. We agree. CC

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