Lesson 86 – Celebrate!

Faith is about being clear on the desires of your heart, and then acting as if you know undeniably that those desires will be made real in the world.

Your worldly thoughts try to pull you away from the spiritual truths you know to be so.  Just acknowledge the existence of those thoughts and continue on your quest.  You have lived a lifetime surrounded by the world of fear.  Living exclusively in the world of light is a new experience for you, one that requires practice.

For that is what you are now doing – you are practicing living laws you have always known but failed to demonstrate with conscious awareness.  Desire freely and with boldness.  Be not afraid to claim your desires, and trust that I am here to provide.

Your job is to create the world you desire.  My job is to bring those desires to you.  Nothing else must get in the way.  You must find time each day to quiet your mind and to allow your heart to create that which it desires without the distraction of negative thinking.  Use this time to strengthen your connection to me, your source.  Banish fear at this time, and gradually this special time of strengthening will become your customary way.  Create boldly during this time.  Surround yourself with love.  Then fear will be banished.

Desire is the first step in creation.  Therefore, practice desiring.  Feel your desire.  See your desire.  Know what you want.  Imagine yourself where you want to be.  Experience what you know to be so.  Dance and sing and shout out your desires.  For celebration drives fear back into the darkness where it resides.

Feel my love surrounding you as you go about your day.  For I am with you always and in all-ways.  Celebrate your successes, for I am complete.


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