Lesson 85 – Think Big!

You are learning what it means to be a creator.  Do not come from lack.  Come from abundance, for you know not your power in the world.

You want to be safe and play small.  That is fear speaking.  I say be bold and play big.  For that is truth speaking.  You have the ability to create what you desire.  But first you must claim it.

And I say – claim big.  You can feel the difference.  When you try to be practical and rational, you feel anxious and concerned.  When you create from a place of abundance, you feel free and excited.  Use your emotion as a barometer.  Your emotion tells you if what you are focusing on comes from fear or comes from love.

When you create from a base of fear, you get that which you are focused on – fear and lack.  When you create from joy and spontaneity, you get results that exceed your expectations.

Use these tools.  Don’t worry about how you will achieve the results you desire.  Just focus on that which you desire and why you desire it.  If what you desire ultimately serves me, the way to achieve your desires will be made clear.

Think big.  Do not let you judgments limit your dreams.  Dreams were meant to be fulfilled.  That is my way.  The only thing that stops dreams from being fulfilled is the fear with which you surround them.

I will repeat my two week challenge to you – dream big, express gratitude, notice all the good that surrounds you, and notice the results each day.  Watch what happens when you operate in love and faith rather than from the comfort of fear.

Fear has no place in a world of love.  Focus on love and fear will remain in the darkness where it belongs.

Notice the miracles that today brings.  Celebrate the role you have played in their creation.  There is no need to test the truth of these words, for you already know their truth within your heart.

Enjoy this day, for it is a gift.  Feel my love as it surrounds you.  Start now, for I am complete.


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2 Responses to Lesson 85 – Think Big!

  1. Anita says:

    Good to have you back :p x

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