Lesson 84 – A Two Week Challenge

You are learning to dwell on only that which is good, only that which you desire, and you are learning to push away from you that which is not of me.  And  that is what life is about.  Choice.

From the moment you were born into the physical world, you were bombarded with choice.  In your ignorance, they all seemed equal and beyond your active choosing.  But that was not true.  There is that which comes from me and that which is sent to pull you off your course of returning to me.

Life is about choice, and the choices are quite clear.  It is always obvious by your emotional reaction if it is a thought of me or a thought from the world.  If the thought uplifts you, fills you with joy, gladdens your heart, fills you with excitement, it is from me and of me and you must focus on that and allow it to become real in the world.  If it is a thought that fills you with fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, anger, loss, despair – banish it immediately, for it does not deserve life.

Sadly, my children think both of these thoughts are equally valid.  They think that both are truth.  That is not so.  Only that which is of me, only that which manifests that which is good, is of me.  All else needs to be rebuked.  For that is how darkness works.  Dark thoughts work their way into your conscious awareness, masquerading as truth.  If you heed their call, then  you have chosen to turn lies into reality.  But the choice is yours to make.

My children  are taught in ignorance by the well-meaning ignorant that the world of darkness is as powerful as my world of light.  They are taught that they are helpless victims of circumstances that they cannot control.  This is not true.  They have choice over which voice they listen to.

Very few are strong enough to listen only to that which comes from me.  Most become seduced by darkness, for the dark has mastered seduction.  But I tell you today that such is not the way it needs to be.  I am going to give you a challenge, a challenge meant to reward you through its execution.

Live your life in the next few weeks focusing only on that which is of me.  Focus only on that which is good, that which is right, that which brings you joy.  Banish immediately all other thoughts, and replace them with that which you know to be good.  Replace fear with desire.  Focus on that which you desire and allow the joyous expression of the positive emotion such focus produces.  Fear will try to seduce you, but deafen your ears.  Live a life of joyous creation for the next two weeks and reflect upon what occurs.  For you have never truly lived my challenge.

You have attempted to do so, but then became seduced by fear before your desire could be manifested.  So now I am giving you overt instruction and a challenge that has a beginning and an end.  Make note of the ending date, for I want you to set a date for reflection.

Focus on only that which pleases you.  Replace any thoughts that disturb you with thoughts chosen for the pleasure they give you.  Notice the results.  Look to others who can strengthen you, and surround yourself with their strength.  Avoid those who desire to bring you down.  Build up your strength, for it takes strength to overcome seduction.  Notice the power fellowship with others brings to you.

Celebrate your successes along the way by continuing to express your gratitude each and every day.  Express gratitude throughout each day, not just at an  agreed upon  time.  Be aware of all the goodness that surrounds you, for it has come out of the desires of your heart.  You brought that into your world.  Gain strength from what you have done, knowing that you are being trained to now act in my ways with intention.

You have much to create, much to learn, and much to celebrate.  And do take time for celebration, for that is my way.  Know that I love you and desire to have you return to me in glory.  Go now, for I am complete.


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One Response to Lesson 84 – A Two Week Challenge

  1. Firstly, I would like to say I liked what you said; we really must focus only on Jesus and what is from Him.

    But honestly, you really have to be careful about talking through Jesus’ mouth! I’m criticizing what you said in the least, in fact, I may even decide to take you up on the two week challenge to only focus on thoughts from God; but there is a definite danger in trying to make what you say what Jesus says; for a minute, I actually thought you may be one of those people who think they’re Jesus…

    So really what I’m saying is this: please be careful to confirm everything you’re saying with what Jesus said.

    Thank’s for a wonderful lesson!

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