Lesson 83 – Desire

I have said repeatedly that you are always given the desires of your heart.  You are beginning to learn that you desire might not always be what you want.

Knowing that what you desire is what gets created, consciously focus your awareness on that which truly pleases you.  Know that you are in control.  You choose your desires, whether done with awareness or without conscious thought.

You have spent a lifetime realizing the effects of your desires.  Now start to produce them with intentional creation.

I am reluctant to speak more on this topic at this time.  You have been given some valid instruction.  Start to apply this instruction so that it becomes part of your way of being.  When you become more practiced, our instruction about creation can resume.  You will know of your progress by the results you produce.

Know that my love lives within you.  My love will heal any pain that you feel.  Pain is a result of knowing you are not honoring who you are and what you know.  Demonstrate what you know through your actions, and pain will be no longer.  Start now, for I am complete.


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