Lesson 82 – The Power of Your Mind

You already know all that you must know, my dear one.  You have all the tools, and all the knowledge already with you.  All you must do is believe the validity of what you know.

You speak quite eloquently of your desires.  Yet your actions belie your words.  You act as if your desires are not possible and will not occur.  Your actions speak loudly and are the proof of your intentions.

Examine your actions.  Are they proof of joyful creation?  Or are they a demonstration of your smallness and fear?  I have given my children all that they require to live a life of rich reward.  Yet they toss away my gifts, my instruction, my desire to guide them, as if it were of little importance.

That is far from the truth.  Perform all that you do coming from faith, not fear, and all will be as you truly desire.  For the conflict that you so often feel comes from the battle between your mind and the truth of your desires.

That disparity causes you great distress.  You must train your mind to serve you and your desires.  You must see your mind as a partner in creation, not as an enemy.  You must embrace your mind, control your mind, have it work for you,  rather than for results of its own choosing.  You are in control here.  Your attitudes and beliefs are fully under your control.  You created them.  And you have the ability to change them.

Start by dwelling on only that which is good, that which is right, that which is positive, that which comes from me.  Push all negative thoughts from your conscious awareness and replace them with something positive of your choosing.  Replace thoughts of a negative future with thoughts you absolutely know to be true.  For you are surrounded by much that is positive.  Rather than using your mind for protection, which is a needless function, use your mind for creation, something inherently more rewarding.  For your mind is your most powerful tool.

I charge you with the task of continuing to learn about your mind, a most powerful tool.  You must learn to use it properly.  You must learn that you have a mind, but that you are not your mind.  That understanding is a necessary, crucial, and important first step.  Once that understanding is established, you must learn how to train your mind to serve you through creation rather than protection.  Once you understand your power to create, there is no need for protection.

You will find that this task will become easier with practice.  Your mind exists to be your servant.  It has believed its service has come from protecting you.  Now train your mind to know, without question, that its job is one of creation.

Delight in the feeling of control this exercise evokes, for the truth is you do control the circumstances that surround you.  Take a look at those circumstances, for there is beauty and abundance all around you.  You just need to be reminded to look.

You have always attracted beauty and abundance and will continue to attract those things.  But you have thought your circumstances to be accidental.  Now understand the role your desire has played in their creation.

So I ask you a question, my dear one.  If you have been able to create a world of beauty and abundance without conscious awareness, what will you be able to create when you come from intention and a power that comes from understanding?

The results are infinite.  The results you produce will have ever-lasting and far-reaching effects.  Enjoy this practice, my dear one, for it will bring you nothing  but goodness.

Continue to reach out to me as you have been doing, for I am your source and I am leading you to understandings that are required.  I have been with you since the beginning of all time, and I will never abandon you.  I have been leading you since you had conscious awareness.

Before my influence was subtle.  Now I am guiding you with the intentionality of partnership.  Know that this relationship was created through your desire to seek truth.

I surround you with the love of the ages.  I am complete.


About Common Courage

Intrigued? Make sure to read, "Introduction," for an invitation designed to provide a context for a journey of self-discovery. Like little children, may you be led into your awakening.........
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2 Responses to Lesson 82 – The Power of Your Mind

  1. Beautiful!
    I find this speaks volumes to me. My mind and thoughts are not pure. Thank you for this nudge.

    • Be gentle with yourself. It is not a question of purity. It’s a question of purpose. Honor your mind. Appreciate your mind. It has been doing the job it was created to do – to make sure you thrive in this world that you’re in. Unfortunately, your mind is a reflection of a lifetime of information fed to it – information based upon observations from the world combined with the teachings you picked up from the well-intentioned ignorant, rather than from the knownings of your heart. Your mind is as appropriate as the information fed to it. So thank it for doing its job with such commitment. And now that you have a growing awareness that the world is not exactly as it may seem, start to feed your mind different images – images of love, and light, and goodness, and safety, and peace. And slowly, every so slowly, your mind will be convinced. And when that happens, the kingdom of heaven will be yours. For you see? You have never been impure, and can never be. CC

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