Lesson 81 – Your Power to Create

You were made in my image.  That has never meant that we physically look alike – for “looking alike” assumes a physical manifestation and I am of spirit.  “In my image” simply means you have all of the attributes, power, and talents of your source.  You are what I am.  You too, are the creator.

My children were meant to create with intentionality.  For you see, you create anyway.  How much more pleasant and powerful life would be were you to create with intention.

All creation starts with desire.  As I have said before, you do receive the desires of your heart.  Look back on your life.  All has been an expression of your desire.  All of it.

You are constantly creating.  Know that.  Play with that.  Test me.  Be outrageous with your desire.  Why not?  My children are meant to receive pleasure.  Why would I have it be any other way?

Life is a marvelous journey of returning to the source, of returning to truth.  It is painful to give up the lies, for their false words have whispered promises that are comforting but pull you away from the truth.  It is only by uncovering the truth, embracing the truth, knowing the truth, living the truth, that you can ever become truly free to express the magnificence that you are.  For you are magnificence personified and made real as flesh.  You are part of me, part of it all.  Remember?  Remember!!

Look at all the marvels you have created.  Really look.  Take inventory.  You are a master at creation.  Know that.  You have always done so easily and naturally.  Look at your present circumstances and the “miracles” that continue to appear.  You did that.  You exercised your connection with the Divine.  Notice the result.

Know absolutely, and with total conviction, of your power to create.  Know that your desires will become manifested in the physical world.  It is not a question of “hoping”.  It is a question of knowing.  Of knowing the truth.  Of knowing your desire.  Of knowing mine.  And mine is for you to know your power, and to know of mine.

Acknowledge and honor that which you desire.  Enjoy the process.  Exercise your “desire muscle” at all times, and especially at those times when you feel weak.  Do so knowing that my love surrounds you and protects you from harm.  Know that my love has always surrounded you and protected you, for I am with you always.  Henani.


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