Lesson 80 – Life Rules

Give up control, my dear one, for control is merely an illusion.  Feel your control slipping away knowing that is a good thing.  Feel what it feels like to be held in my arms.  Take a moment to enjoy that imagery and the peacefulness it evokes deep within you.

Feel me, my dear one, for I am always with you, have always been with you, and will always be with you.  For you are a part of me and it can never be any other way.  Enjoy this time with me.  Think not of the future, just be here now and enjoy the peace that surrender brings.

Close your eyes for a bit.  Feel me.  Your heart knows to respond.  I whisper to you words of love, for that is the only language I know.  Love is that feeling of perfect union.  You know love.  Therefore you know me.  When you come from love, when you share love, you share me.

Love protects.

Love  cares for.

Love raises up.

Love makes you strong.

Love coaxes you out.

Love is safe.

Love is nurturing.

Love gives you the strength to achieve greatness.

But first you must receive love.  For love knocks gently and only you have the power to hear its knock and open up the door.  Love is the difference between a life filled with joy and a life of empty days.  Bring love to others and you will receive love in return.  For even if those you offer love don’t return the love you’ve offered, my love is always with you.

Life is so simple, my dear one.  My children complicate it so.  Life is about love, truth, and light.  That’s all.  Simple.  When you live in love, when you speak only truth, and when you allow my light to shine from deep within you, only that which is of light can be with you.

So why am I telling you this, my dear one?  You become tired when you forget how easy it is to live in my world.  You can call forth my power at any time by loving others and speaking the truth, whatever that truth might be.  By doing that, your light will be made strong.  When you listen to lies, when you focus on yourself and not on your brothers and sisters, you give darkness a foothold.

I will say it again, my dear one, for this is a message you must understand and live so that you can share it.  Life is simple.

  • Come from love, tell the truth, and allow your light to shine.
  • Focus on serving your brothers and your sisters.
  • Shine just a little bit of light to eliminate all darkness.

Come from love, tell the truth, serve others, allow your light to shine, and you will find me.

That’s it.  Rules for life.  Follow those instructions and all will be yours.  Come from love and others will respond in kind.  Know that my world is a friendly place, and that I desire for you to thrive and live a life of spiritual abundance.  Focus not on the rewards, but on serving others.  Your service will be received and out of that, others will desire to offer you rewards.  Accept them when offered, for they will be love offerings.  Receive them in my name.

I cannot take away your fears, my dear one, for you invite them to come in.  All I can do is show you how to live life in my way, and you will then have the power you need to banish fear.

  • Live in love.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Serve others.
  • Allow your light to shine.

Go and practice with all those whose paths cross with yours.  Enjoy the results.  Share these words with all those who are walking beside you.  I am with you always and in all-ways.  Henani.


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