Lesson 79 – Who Am I?

My children need to learn about me.  They need to follow a path similar to the one you’ve been traveling on, one of opening up their hearts to me, of receiving my love, of seeing the proof of my love surrounding them, of learning to trust that love.  For although love happens in an instant, there is a logical road that takes you to that moment.

It is a road of discovery, of truth.  It is a road that has twists and turns that must be experienced in order to go forth on a path towards me.  It is learning to be as that leaf in my current, trusting that all is as it should be and that my current is flowing as I desire, and that all is for good.

I expect my children to test me.  But first they must find me.  They must seek me through their desire to know me.

I bring with me the possibility of fulfillment.  I gave each of my children a purpose for being.  They must discover their own unique purpose.  When they do, they will find me.

The secular world has taken my children from me.  My children have been convinced that they are unable to have a direct and personal relationship with me.  They believe they must be taught truth by others who know.  This is not true, for all know truth.  It is written upon their hearts.  They need to be taught to look.  They need to be taught that they have their own unique and personal, and direct connection to me. They need to be reminded who they are.

Who am I?  I am the source of it all.  I am the Lord – Your God.  For I chose you.  I know you.  And you know me.

Admit the truth about what you know to be so, and we can move from courtship to working together as one.  I am ready.  And so are you.  I have carefully laid out the circumstances to bring us to this day.  I celebrate its arrival for I seek to dance a dance of love with you.

Come to me.  Feel me.  Commit to me.  Feel my love surrounding you.  Trust me.  Turn to me for all your needs.  Turn to me to fulfill your desires.  For that is what I desire.

Know that I desire your success, and that I have the ability to give it to you.  Use your understanding of marriage as a model for the relationship I desire with you, for they are one and the same.  This is my universal desire.  I desire for all of my children to return to me so that we may regain the love and connection that was lost by following the ways of men rather than the ways of me.

Continue to follow your heart, for I am leading you.  You can trust me to do so, for I am complete.


About Common Courage

Intrigued? Make sure to read, "Introduction," for an invitation designed to provide a context for a journey of self-discovery. Like little children, may you be led into your awakening.........
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