Lesson 78 – Courtship

You and I have been in a period of courtship.  As is true in any relationship, you have learned about me.  You have learned who I am, and what I am capable of doing.  You have learned, by repeated examples, that my word can be trusted.  You have learned that I love you.  We have had a courtship as lovers do.  And as is true of lovers, the courtship is meant to lead to commitment.

Commit your heart to mine.  Know me with the certainty that you know those of the flesh.  I have shown you who I am and will continue to show you who I am, and I will prove the power of my word to you over and over again.

Your faith in me is warranted.  I have earned the right to ask it of you.  And your heart knows the truth of these words.

Take them in.  Reflect upon their truth.  And then turn to me knowing I will be there to care for you, to carry you if needed, and to remind you over and over again who you are.

For that is the job of lovers – to love each other completely and to know undeniably who they are being with and to always be a reflection of that truth.  That is the relationship I am offering you, my dear one.  It is up to you to embrace it.

Come to me with an open heart and all the world has to offer will be yours.  Have no fears about what is to come, for I shower you with only gifts.


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