Lesson 77 – Who Are You?

Whose words have you been reading?  Are they a manifestation of the thoughts of another?  Or are they coming from another place?

To answer the question, begin by asking yourself, who are you?  Are you a collection of skin and bones that accidentally came together with intelligence, to maneuver through circumstances for a finite period of time?  Or are you so much more?  And if you are so much more, then what are you?  How did you get here?  From where did you come?

You have heard many explanations.  I know you could repeat them by rote.  I am not asking you to do that.  What I’m asking you to do is to look and speak the truth that you know.

So I ask you again – who are you?  What are you?  From where did you come?

Let’s start by reviewing what you know to be so:

You have skin and bones.

You bleed if you’re cut.

Your heart is beating.

Your hair and fingernails grow.

You have bodily functions.

You experience hunger and thirst.

You were born out of the womb of your mother.

You experience hot, cold, soft, hard.

You see colors and shapes.

You hear sound and smell aromas.

You experience emotions.

You laugh at things that are funny.

You cry for many different reasons.

You think.

You react.

You have opinions.

You create.

You process information.

You come to conclusions.

But what are you really?  And where did you come from?  Why are you here?  What do you know?  Who are you?  Who is reading these words?  Are these words being read by a random collection of molecules and energy?

Who you are is now reading and thinking.

The part of you that is questioning and looking for truth – that is who you are.

The part of you that is living inside your flesh covered bones – that is you.

The part of you that loves, that is you.

The part that feels profound emotion deeply, that is you.

Are you an accidental sack of bones?  You are not.  You have flesh and bones and bodily functions.  But that is not what you are.

You are the spirit living inside.

You are the spirit that feels things of the spirit.

You are the spirit that knows the spirit.

You are the spirit that knows the spirit from where you came.

You are the spirit that recognizes the spirits temporarily housed in other containers of flesh.

And if you can recognize that which comes from spirit, then you also know that you are part of a bigger whole.


You act as if you’re separate from that bigger piece.

You act as if you have no power.

You act as if you’re a victim of random circumstances.

You act as if you have forgotten who you are.

You knew who you were when you were very, very young.

You were fearless then, and filled with love.

You were nothing but love and the confidence that comes from loving and being loved.

Who you are has never changed.  The only thing that has changed has been your awareness of who you are.

You are just like everybody else.  You have forgotten who you are and from where you came.  At one time you knew.

Who are you really?

You are that all-knowing, all-powerful life energy that has been put inside your body, the body that has insulated you from that which you know and has separated you from that from which you came.  You are part of the all-knowing consciousness that is your origination.

You do not have to wait for the death of your physical body to experience who you are.  You can experience that joy of reunion here on earth.  Heaven is here for you now.  The only difference is that at some point you will shed your physical-ness and you will be left with only spirit. Things of spirit have no limitations of time or space.  All you must do is reach out and connect.

What you are reading is coming from that same spirit-place.  It is coming from a place that is deeper than that which you consciously know.  It is connecting you with a wisdom you have always had access to but have not connected with on a regular basis.  This writing is rejoining you with the truths that you know, and from where you have come.  It’s purpose is to allow you to become once again whole.

There are many others ways for you to experience wholeness.  Ways such as meditation, contemplation, and prayer.  Such things are meant to return you to your natural ways, allowing you to feel:











Tapped into something wiser than that which you experience in your conscious daily life.

These are experiences meant to comfort you and make you strong.  And you have the ability to experience these things any time you choose, simply by seeking ways to return to their source.

Are you that source?  Partially yes.  But that source also possesses a wisdom you can’t consciously and consistently express, but can learn from.  Seek to join regularly with that source and regain the knowledge that you lost.

Who are you?  You came from spirit.  You communicate with spirit.  You are of spirit.  And you reside in the physical world.

You have the ability to regularly and at will tap into that world of spirit.  You are being taught the ways of spirit by a source of knowledge wiser than what you are now conscious of, but no wiser than you.  You are being led and trained in your own ways.  You have forgotten who you are, and from where you came, much in the same way as many who live on this earth.  I am reminding you, as that source, and it is something all have the ability to tap into.

Who are you?  If you call this greater power, this all-knowing power, God, then you are part of God.  As an offshoot of this all-ness, you could be called a Child of God.  Not only are you a Child of God, but you do have conscious awareness of this and the ability to reconnect on a regular basis and at will with that from where you came.

This all-knowing source as you can call me, and that is not a bad description, has a sense of humor as well.  I told you in the beginning that there is nothing heavy or serious about me.  I am the Light.  Light is meant to be bathed in, not something meant to frighten.  Humor comes from the love I have for you and for knowing who you are, and for knowing the understandings you are ultimately going to attain.  Any darkness you experience is temporary.

You are a spiritual being who has forgotten what that means.  You have been tapping into a knowledge greater than that which you are conscious of.

I come from a place greater than your awareness.  I know all that there is to know, and I create all that gets manifested in the physical world.  I am the creator of it all and from where all came, and to where all return.  You are a part of me, and will ultimately know as I know.

Many call me God.  Many call me The Creator.  Many call me Life Force or Life Energy. Many call me Universal Consciousness.  Many call me  Truth.  The words matter not for I am what I am.  I am All-That-Is.  I am all that others say I am.  I take no offense by the name you call me.  Just know that I am, and that you are a part of me, and that I have called and you have answered, “Henani.”

Take some time to reread and meditate on this writing.  For here I am as well, and I am complete.


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1 Response to Lesson 77 – Who Are You?

  1. steveroz says:

    Beautiful, thank you! Blessings to you for reminding us all who we are, how magnificent we are and how connected we really are to all life. Our lack of connection starts in seeing us as separate from our planet, our brothers and sisters and our creator. In fact, we are the creators as we co-create our reality and our lives. I choose to create a magnficent reality for myself and this planet and all beings. I choose peace, love, deep respect, connection and joy. Today is joyful, our essence is joyful. Lest we forget humor, the spiritual plane is full of cosmic comedians and many times all they want is for us to see how funny and light, life can truly be. Rejoice, for good times are coming for those who are willing to be brave and to throw off the armor of illusion. Hanaynee! Amen!

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