Lesson 74 – Trust Your Heart

It is most natural for you to want to turn to that which you can see, feel, and touch.  It is much more difficult to turn to that which you know to be true in your heart, but cannot see.  That is what faith is all about.

I have great patience, for I know that what has been learned over a lifetime takes time to unlearn.  But knowing truth happens in an instant.

Don’t depend upon others to teach you.  Learn from their experiences and then trust your own.  Watching others, listening to others, will not change you.  Only you can change you, by choosing to do so.

I have told you before that you hold the key.  Hold it up.  Examine it.  Look at it closely.  Test it.  Then use it to unlock your heart and rejoin it with mine.


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2 Responses to Lesson 74 – Trust Your Heart

  1. Michael says:

    Nice post. I like, “Hold it up, examine ……………………………………… Test it.” You are right. Thanks for refreshing …………………….. Have a beautiful Sunday.

    • A wise teacher once said, “Test all things. Keep that which is good.” 1 Thessalonians 5:21
      And that is the challenge before each of us right now – to test the teachings that have been passed along as truth, rather than blindly assuming they are what they are called. That which is of truth will stand up to the tests of time, for that is the very definition of truth. And what better way is there to enjoy a beautiful Sunday than to look around ourselves with wonder and awe? CC

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