Lesson 73 – Play Your Music

Imagine listening to a complex and beautiful symphony.  All of my world is as rich and as beautiful as the most stunning music you can imagine.  One only needs to receive that richness and beauty.

When listening to intricate musical orchestration, unexpected but beautiful additions start to creep in.  You enjoy them for the unexpected richness they give to the music you were listening to.  They take the music in directions you could not have anticipated.  And they do that while making the melody even more beautiful.

Life is meant to be as enjoyable in its unpredictability as the unpredictable unfoldment of a well-written musical piece.  Just as you enjoy music unfolding, taking you to a conclusion you cannot anticipate, and more importantly, care not to, so too is life meant to be enjoyed.  Just as you enjoy each moment of music as it comes to you, as it resonates loudly and dramatically within you, so, too, must you allow the music of your life to play – with all its drama, richness, and beauty as well.

Your music is just starting to play.  You are hearing the first few measures and you think you know its melody.  You do not.   Your life will continue to be filled  by unexpected, but delightful, twists and turns.  Enjoy them.

Listen to the music that is playing and allow its beauty to completely fill you up.  Absorb every note.  Enjoy the particular placement of each note, for each note was placed with care and intention.  But a single note does not create music.  It is by the way notes are joined that works of untold magnificence are created.

But it is not just the arrangement of the notes.  For notes on a page of music have no life of their own.  It is when the notes are played with feeling and beauty that beautiful music is born.

Play the notes I am sending you.  You have a choice as to how they are played.  You can plunk them out dutifully but devoid of feeling.  Or you can absorb them as a maestro, taking them in and then expressing them with feeling, making music that is uniquely your own.

Play your music, my dear one.  Play it boldly and joyfully.  Allow each note to ring and resound fully.  Express the music that is in your soul – For I gave you each note.  Listen and enjoy the composition these notes are creating, knowing that it is the music of love. And let it play now, for I am complete.


About Common Courage

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4 Responses to Lesson 73 – Play Your Music

  1. I like that…”play your music…boldly and joyfully”! thank you for this inspirational post!

  2. Anita says:

    I love u CC 🙂 x

    • Loving you right back – of course! Love is ultimately the way of being we share once the shadows get burned away. And it starts by your own willingness to live in love. I feel it from you, I honor it from you, I am healed by your love, and I encourage you to continue dipping in your toes. Love will heal the world. CC

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