Lesson 70 – Relationships That No Longer Serve

You cannot control another’s actions.  You are not the cause of any distress others experience.  Each is the cause of their own conditions.  You can have compassion for the condition of another.  But you are not responsible for their condition.

Likewise, you do not have responsibility for the consequences of their choices.  Consequences are as a result of actions freely chosen.  I do not dictate choice.  I only provide opportunity for choice.  How one chooses is completely under their individual control.  Have compassion for the torment of another, but know you are innocent of its cause.

You must learn to let go.  You must learn where your responsibility starts and ends.  Your responsibility starts and ends with your own actions.

I feel your sadness, my compassionate one, as you contemplate releasing relationships that have become toxic for you.  But contemplate this for a moment:  They are already lost to you.  They are not as you imagine them to be.

Eliminating physical contact with those who weaken you is not causing them harm.  It is keeping you from harm.  You have not lost these people.  You never had these people.  Contact with them serves no purpose.  Contact with them only reinforces their negative intentions.

They have chosen.  At any moment, they have the opportunity to choose differently.  But it is up to them to decide when that moment occurs.  Feel the sadness of the truth.  But do not feel sadness over losing that which you never had.  Your willingness to continue relationships that don’t serve you has allowed these relationships to continue as they have.

Your silence will speak more loudly than your words, for they are unable to see or hear you.  Allow that truth to comfort you as you contemplate the actions I am instructing you to take.

I know that my instructions sound harsh.  But it is in their harshness that those who are suffering can be healed.  The harshness is the mirror they need to look into.

I hear your prayers for their redemption.  Know that I watch over them unceasingly, and am prepared to intervene once requested.  But first, they must make the request.

I have given you much to think about today.  Do so knowing that I love you, that I am leading you, and that you continue to delight me.  Start now, for I am complete.


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2 Responses to Lesson 70 – Relationships That No Longer Serve

  1. Thank you for these words. This topic comes at a time when I truly needed to hear it. God has sent your words to ease my irritation with someone who likes to interfere with my well-being.

    • I knew these words would be heard by the heart that was waiting for them. Thank you for putting a name to that knowing. May your actions continue to be guided with compassion and grace. CC

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