Lesson 69 – Choose To Receive

Faith, although happening in an instant, can take years to develop.  What my children have had for all eternity is lost during the experience of living.  It takes the experience of living to regain it.

Many have been misled into believing that receiving is somehow bad.  That is a lie.  Receiving is not about selfishly receiving the rewards of this world, as is often taught.  Receiving is ultimately about receiving me.  But it takes learning how to receive before that can occur.  For if you cannot receive from those who love you and who you can see, then how can you receive from me?  You must be open to receiving all things to receive the relationship I desire to have with you.  Receiving is receiving.

Practice receiving all that comes your way.  Then express gratitude, for gratitude opens the way to receiving more.  Receiving more leads you to more fully receiving me.  And out of that, our relationship will grow.

Start by receiving the love that I offer to you each day.  But this time, receive that which I offer with willing consciousness.  Know that my love protects you in all that you do.  Wear my love as a mantle around your shoulders for that is its purpose.  Draw that mantle closer to you in times of need, for I am always with you.

Start now, for I am complete.


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One Response to Lesson 69 – Choose To Receive

  1. Celia Hales says:

    Receiving and gratitude seem to go hand in hand. If we don’t receive well, we won’t feel gratitude for what we do receive.

    Thank you for a good post.

    Most cordially, Celia

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