Lesson 68 – The Power of Thought

That which you focus on expands.  You are learning that lesson quite well.  Simply notice all that you are grateful for.  Are not those areas increasing in importance to you?  Are they not the areas in which you are gaining strength?

Your gratitude is shaping your learning.  Once again, a demonstration of the power of your words and the power of your thoughts to create the power of your world.

This is why there is so much strength in fellowship.  Fellowship adds agreement. Fellowship adds power.  Fellowship magnifies intention.

Continue to express your gratitude for all that you find wondrous. Continue to speak of and share the wonder that is your life. The more you speak of these things, the more real they become.

All change starts with thought.  Thought leads to action which leads to results.  Each step is critical to success, but it all starts with thought. Change your thinking and your results will change. It’s as simple as that statement.

It is such an uncomplicated concept yet most fail to understand it, and still more refuse to apply it. Live from the power of your thought and notice the outcome.

Study this simple concept: thought dictates action which creates results.  Play with it.  Use it.  Know it.  I want you to become clear on this connection, so that its knowing is undeniable.

Know that my love surrounds you and is propelling you forward.  Start now, for I am complete.


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2 Responses to Lesson 68 – The Power of Thought

  1. Michael says:

    Wow …… this is nice. I love this post. Thanks for sharing your insight.

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