Lesson 66 – The Nature of Receiving

There is much to enjoy about receiving.  It saddens me that my children have closed themselves off to receiving.  For I am powerless to give as I desire to give.

My children have lost their connection to me and to one another.  They put out but do not take in.  My children are drained from the burden of giving, a burden because of their inability to receive.

Look at yourself as an example.  Look at how tired you are.  You are continuously, unceasingly, putting out without allowing my nurturing spirit to come back in.  How can I care for you as I desire when you do not receive?

It is selfish for you not to receive.  You deprive others of the joy of giving to you, and you deprive others of receiving all that you have to offer because you have become drained.  You serve beautifully, my dear one.  But consider how well you could be serving were you receiving as well.

Understand the difference between receiving and taking.  Receiving is that which is given to you freely.  Taking is that which does not belong to you.  You will never take, my dear one.  But you will learn to receive.

Learning to receive is about learning to trust.  You must learn to trust that others desire to lift you up, not knock you down.  Allow them to do so and enjoy the results.

You have an excellent ability to discern the truth about others.  Use that discernment.  You know when to be wary.  Be wary at those times.  But you also know in your heart whom you can trust.  Do so boldly.  Offer yourself openly and receive what is offered in return.

Honor that.  Practice that.  Receive my love and the love that is offered to you by others.  Start today, for I am complete.


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4 Responses to Lesson 66 – The Nature of Receiving

  1. Stunning as usual. I felt near tears at some points. I will reread this again and instead of feeling just the emotional pull I will delve into why the emotional pull.

    • Ah! Your heart hears the truth in these words. Wonderful! Delving into the “why” is an excellent exercise – always when deep emotion is felt. For if you trace the flow of your emotion, it will lead you right back to the bitter root from where it originally began. And that’s when true healing can occur. CC

  2. Michael says:

    I agree with your post. Very well written. Keep your good posts coming …………

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