Lesson 65 – What Is Love?

I am love.  All that you do in love you do with me.  Love one another as I love you, for love is always recognized.

What is love?  Love is unconditional and cannot be taken away by the actions of another.  Love is given freely and expects nothing in return.  Love lifts up another with no expectation of being lifted up as well.  Love focuses on another without thoughts of personal reward.

Love is given with no thought of reciprocity.  If it is returned, it is a gift.  But a gift is not expected nor required.  Gifts, like love, must be freely given and cannot be demanded.

Love for no other reason other than you see my glory reflected in another and you wish to honor that.  Love generously.  Love often.  Love without holding back.  I will reward love.  You do not need to look anywhere else for your rewards.

Love deeply and without expectation.  Start by always knowing that I love you.  Then love in kind by giving it away.


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