Lesson 64 – Desire

You are entitled to feel desire, my dear one.  Desire for love.  Desire for comfort.  Desire for worthiness.  Desire for appreciation.  Desire for success.  It is alright to feel desire.  Desire does not make you wicked or bad.  It shows the strength of your knowledge of who you are.  For only by receiving do you have something to give away.

You do not get that which you do not desire.  It takes desire to open the path to receiving.  Said another way, you draw that which you desire to you.  And I want to give to you the desires of your heart.  But first you must acknowledge what they are.

Practice asking for all that you desire.  Practice speaking the truth about your desires.  Shout the truth about your desires loudly, my dear one.  Claim what it is you desire so that I may give it to you.    You have suppressed your desires for far too long.

Open the door to your deepest desires.  You have my permission to do so.  In fact, I command you to do so.  Claim the birthright that is yours, as it is your very reason for being.  Claim it loudly, boldly, joyfully, for you cannot give without first being able to receive.  Reflect upon that.  Then practice receiving by admitting your desires.  You will not be disappointed.


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