Lesson 62 – Gratitude

The expression of gratitude is a desired expression.  Your gratitude pleases me endlessly and causes me to desire to bless you still further.  For I feel toward you much as any parent feels towards a child who expresses appreciation for that which the parent provides.  

Continue to learn about gratitude.  For all of life deserves gratitude.  That which is perceived as good.  And that which is perceived as bad.  All of it shapes you and leads you to fulfilling my purpose for you.  All is for good. 

My children have been taught such a limiting understanding of what is good that it prevents them from seeing all that I desire for them to see, preventing them from knowing all that I desire for them to know, preventing them from being all that I desire for them to be.  

You must unlearn these ways, replacing them with the truth.  Continue to discern those truths, test those truths, then apply those truths.  Truths can stand up to the scrutiny.  Lies will wither and die. 

You are learning about success.  Success at life.  Success at living life fully.  Success at being fully whom I made you to be.  For I shaped you in my image.  You’ve allowed that image to become distorted.  When you can look into a mirror and see what is really there, success will be yours.


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